Use And Maintenance Of Omv 630 Motor


Today, we will focus on how to maintain the omv 630 motor. After purchasing the product, you may encounter various problems when using the product, such as why the motor suddenly fails to work, and it is said to have a long life, but why not How long does it take for the motor to be damaged? and many more. At this time, everyone may suspect that there is a problem with the quality of Hanjiu's products, but what I want to say is that it is very likely that you did not pay attention to some of our maintenance or use requirements during the use process, because in terms of product quality control, Hanjiu Jiu Technology can 100% guarantee that the products you get are good, so I hope everyone can read this article carefully.

Maintenance of the OMV 630 motor

The correct use of the motor will directly affect the working life. Therefore, we must meet the following basic requirements.

1. The system should be equipped with a corresponding oil filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil.

2. The hydraulic circuit must be equipped with a cooling system to prevent the oil temperature from being too high.

3. The pressure gauge and thermometer must be installed in the oil inlet pipeline.

4. A pressure gauge should be installed in the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pump.

Note: According to different ambient temperatures and uses, the oil used should have good viscosity-temperature properties, good defoaming properties, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, high flash point, etc. The viscosity of the motor is between (25-70)*10-6m2/s, and the water, alkali and mechanical impurities in the oil shall not exceed the allowable value. It is recommended to use YB-N46 and YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The system filtration precision is better than 20μm. The normal working oil temperature is 25-55℃, and the short-term working oil temperature is not higher than 65℃.

Installation of the motor

Check the motor for damage before installation. Motor oil stored for long periods of time needs to be drained and rinsed to prevent sticking of internal moving parts. Motor mounting brackets must be rigid enough to prevent shock and vibration during rotation. Mounting bolts must be tightened evenly. Connection method of oil discharge pipe: BMR motor has two built-in check valves, and the oil leakage can be returned to the oil return pipe through the check valve.

In addition, the motor runs unstable at low speed, which can be eliminated by applying back pressure, and the back pressure value is not less than 0.2Mpa. This type of motor cannot be run under pump conditions, nor can it be used as a pump. The installation surface should be flat. When installing, it should be determined whether the dimensions of the connecting flange, stopper, and output connecting shaft are accurate. Make sure that the device connecting the output shaft to the transmission has good concentricity. When installing the output shaft, prevent the axial thrust of the output shaft and the interlocking device (the cycloidal motor BMR bears a small radial force). During the installation process, protect the smoothness and parallelism of the connecting plate of the oil inlet and outlet, and prevent the oil seal from being deteriorated due to bumps, resulting in oil leakage.

The motor cannot be forcibly installed or twisted. Do not remove the plastic plugs above the pipes and tubing until they are installed. When the system is connected, the relationship between the installation position of the motor inlet and outlet on the installation diagram and the rotation of the motor should be recognized. During installation, it is found that the oil inlet and outlet are not suitable for the forward and reverse directions corresponding to the output shaft. Replacing the installation of the oil inlet and outlet pipes in rooms A and B can achieve the opposite effect to the original working direction of rotation.

The use of the motor

The pressure, flow and output power of the motor must not exceed the specified values. When running for a long time, the oil temperature should not exceed 65℃. Maximum working temperature of the motor: -30℃-70℃ 3.2 Commissioning Before starting the machine, check the installation of the motor, whether the connection is correct and firm, and whether the system is correct. Check whether the direction of oil inlet and outlet and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements of the working conditions. The pressure of the safety valve of the oil supply pipeline is adjusted to the lowest value, and gradually adjusted to the required pressure after operation. Tighten the inlet and outlet pipes and drain pipes. Gradually increase after the motor runs without load for at least 10 minutes.

During use, when the temperature of the oil inlet is ≥65℃, please check whether the cooler is working normally. Ensure the normal operating temperature of the motor surface. Motor transportation should be equipped with suitable wooden boxes and cartons according to the size of the motor, and plastic paper packaging should be attached to the surface of the motor to prevent moisture and moisture from entering the motor and causing the motor to rust and cause motor failure. Avoid placing the motor directly on the ground superior. No need to apply anti-rust oil for a long time. Motor storage environment: 10-9%RH, -20-65S C. During transportation and storage, the motor should be protected from moisture, moisture and any corrosive gas.

The most important thing to pay attention to! Motor Troubleshooting Motors are precision components that require professional installation, commissioning and maintenance. Without the consent of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., it is not allowed to disassemble and repair it.


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