Omv 800 Hydraulic Motor


Omv 800 hydraulic motor is a member of the omv launched by Hanjiu Technology, so in addition to its own characteristics, it also has the characteristics of the omv series. Below we will show its working parameters to give you a better understanding of it.

The displacement of the Omv 800 hydraulic motor is 801cm³/rev.

Under the rated value, its value is 140rpm, the maximum flow output is 1m/min 14MPa, the working pressure difference is the highest, the maximum and other models of the omv series motor are 110, and the maximum oil pressure is the same as other models, 21MPa.

When the maximum working capacity of the hydraulic motor can work, the maximum working capacity of the omv hydraulic motor is 800 rpm, the maximum continuous 1880 minutes, the maximum continuous 1880 minutes, the working capacity is 33kw, the working difference is MPa 6 , and the maximum flow rate is 200L/min , the highest oil inlet pressure is 21MPa like other models.

The renewal output workload of 6 seconds per minute (the workload of 6 seconds per minute), the maximum time is 300N.m, the workload of 44kw per minute, the power differential pressure of 44kw is 10, the maximum flow rate is 240L/min , the maximum oil inlet pressure is the same as other models, which is 25MPa.

Working at peak value (the maximum value of the displacement motor working for 0.6 seconds in 1 minute), the maximum speed of the motor is 300rpm, the maximum torque is 2470N.m, the maximum working pressure difference is 21MPa, and the maximum oil inlet pressure is the same as other models. is 30MPa.

The above are the basic parameters of the omv 800 hydraulic motor introduced for you during operation. In addition, what I want to say is that the weight of this hydraulic motor is a little heavier than others such as omv 315, omv 400, etc. It is 36.5kg, this is because it can withstand more difficult work, so don't worry about quality control Compared with other models, it is more suitable for some slightly larger events.

Next, I will introduce its features to you. The omv 800 hydraulic motor is an advanced hydraulic motor with end face distribution structure. This series of motors adopts a column-mounted rotor and stator. It has the advantages of high working pressure, high working efficiency, efficient maintenance, good Features such as long working life. It can be based on standard structure, and can carry out general deformation design according to the needs of users. , so if you have any special requirements, you can ask us. In addition, they are designed with advanced rotor and stator parameters, which make the motor start up with low pressure, high efficiency and good retention. But its working pressure is higher and the output torque is larger. Due to the use of the conical drum structure, the radial bearing capacity of the shaft is strong, the hydraulic motor can directly drive the working mechanism, and its application range is expanded. The most important point is that the body of the omv 800 hydraulic adopts an advanced cross-sectional distribution structure, which makes the distribution precision of the hydraulic motor high, and the automatic compensation function after wear and tear is strong, which ensures high volume efficiency, long motor life, and ensures the hydraulic motor. Speed stability and stable load speed characteristics.

The last thing I want to say is that even if you have problems during use, you don't have to worry at all, because Hanjiu's after-sales service is also excellent. Their warranty period for the product has reached 18 months, so if You have a problem with the normal operation of the hydraulic motor due to the situation. Welcome to visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. to call for consultation at any time.


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