Walvoil Monoblock Directional Control Valves


The walvoil brand was founded in Italy in 1973. The main professional and technical members in the early stage were Ivano Corghi and Alessandro Mazzali. With the support of Albano Strozzi, they established the Mazzali & Corghi company, which started on June 13th in Reggio Emilia, Italy A 100 square foot venue to conduct business. Their original purpose was to design and manufacture hydraulic components.


Now it is 2022, walvoil's business direction is mainly hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems, which are designed mainly for global manufacturers of mobile equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, construction and earth-moving machinery, lifting and transportation equipment. Walvil's basic products are directional control valve, diverter valve, gear pump, motor pilot control valve, feed unit, hydraulic integrated circuit, hydraulic valve. walvoil monoblock directional control valves is one of the control valves under the walvoil brand. The feature of this product is a directional control valve in which the airflow can only flow in one direction and cannot flow in the opposite direction. It works like a hydraulic check valve. Compressed air enters from port P, overcomes the spring force and frictional force to open the valve port of the one-way valve, and the compressed air flows from P to A; when there is no compressed air at port P, under the action of the spring force and the residual air force of port A (cavity) ; The valve port is closed, so that the air flow from A to P is blocked. One-way valves are used in occasions where the reverse flow of air is not allowed. For example, when the air compressor is inflating the air tank, a one-way valve is set between the air compressor and the air tank. When the air compressor stops working, it can prevent the air tank from working. The compressed air is returned to the air compressor. One-way valves are also often combined with throttle valves and sequence valves to form one-way throttle valves and one-way sequence valves.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. also produces this type of valves. Their products can also be used interchangeably with the walvoil brand. Because the products of the two brands are of high quality, there is no such thing as incompatibility after replacement. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. I believe that friends who have a demand for hydraulic products should have heard of it. Hanjiu Technology was established on January 12, 2015 and is headquartered in Shijiazhuang, a famous industrial base in China. Although the brand has not been established for a long time, in the past ten years, its development speed has surprised many people. Most of the hydraulic equipment products in many European and American countries come from Hanjiu Technology Company. The reason for this remarkable achievement is mainly because Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has strict control over product quality. Hanjiu has done its best in every link from R&D, production, sales to after-sales. Even so, they have not In order to make profits and increase the price of the products, as far as I know, the prices of their products are on the low side. It is difficult for such a brand not to be loved by everyone. If you want to know more about them, please visit the official website www.hjhydraulic.com.


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