About the use of hydraulic oil for hydraulic orbital motors


In the previous articles, we talked about a lot of professional knowledge about hydraulic orbital motors, including the specifications, installation methods, and precautions of hydraulic orbital motors. If you want to read these articles again, you can go to Hanjiu's Looking at the official website, in addition to these articles, Hanjiu also publishes a lot of professional knowledge about hydraulic products. What we are going to share today is hydraulic oil for hydraulic orbital motors. The ideal performance and service life of the motor depends to a large extent on the hydraulic oil used. One of the most important performance indicators to consider when selecting a hydraulic fluid is viscosity. The choice of viscosity should always take into account that the oil must be thin enough to flow. But at the same time, it must be thick enough to facilitate sealing and maintain an oil film between the bearing and the sealing surface.


1. Viscosity and temperature

Fluid temperature affects its viscosity. Generally speaking, when the oil temperature is high, it becomes thinner and its viscosity decreases; vice versa, when the oil temperature is low, its viscosity increases. When selecting fluids, it is important to consider the start-up and normal operating temperatures of the hydraulic system. When the hydraulic system starts to work, the oil is generally thicker. As the system operates, the oil temperature rises, up to the temperature at which the cooling system starts to work. From this time on, the oil is kept at the design temperature of the hydraulic system. In practical applications, this situation varies, because the working environment of the hydraulic system varies from high temperature to low temperature. The cooling system also varies from complex to simple, and the outside temperature also affects the operating temperature of the system. We recommend that the oil used is 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the viscosity under working conditions is not less than 13cSt.


2. Cleanliness

The cleanliness of the oil in the hydraulic system is very important. The oil used in cycloid hydraulic motors should maintain ISO cleanliness specification 18/13 based on SAE J1165, which allows less than 2500 particles larger than 5μm in diameter per milliliter of oil and the number of particles larger than 15μm in diameter Should be less than 80.


3. Maintenance of hydraulic oil

As with all hydraulic systems, maintaining acceptable viscosity and cleanliness is essential. Cycloidal hydraulic motors are widely used, and it is impossible for us to do everything. Field testing and monitoring is the only way to achieve cleanliness accuracy.


In addition, in the process of using hydraulic oil, you also need to pay attention to the following issues:


(1) If the oil is too thick, the oil pump will be damaged by cavitation when it is started in cold weather, but there is no cavitation problem on the motor.


(3) If the color of the oil turns black, there may be an overheating problem.


(4) If the oil becomes emulsified, there may be water pollution.


Hydraulic orbital motors are high-precision mechanical components, users need to pay special attention to all aspects of the machinery to avoid problems and damage the service life of hydraulic orbital motors.


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