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Hydraulic motor for any machine, is a very core component, for the sense of use of some products also has a very direct impact. For example, some of the iX3, X5, X5M, X6, X7,7 Series, 8 Series and M8 sold by BMW last year are because of the motor motor welding points in the brake power hydraulic unit are not correct, which has safety risks. BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. and BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. directly recalled 1,356 vehicles, and replaced the brake power hydraulic units for the recalled vehicles free of charge to eliminate safety risks. Thus, the importance of hydraulic motor, so we in the purchase of hydraulic motor, we must ensure that the quality of qualified.


When it comes to quality and popularity, most people might think of the Eaton Hydraulic Company, where eaton is based in the United States, with more than 20 factories. After the successful acquisition of Wigs in 1999, their product brands included eaton, vickers, char-lynn, aeroquip and hydro-line, so eaton's products include power sources, control elements, actuators, connectors, connectors, pollution control and a full set of hydraulic systems. Their company's products are widely recognized in the current hydraulic market, in the product development, technical strength, product quality and other aspects are doing very good. In the eaton orbital motors, the Xcel series of motors are mainly promoted at this stage, and the Eaton Xcel Gerotor / Geroler hydraulic motor provides three-zone protection at the dual-zone price, with lower energy consumption and lower working temperature. They promise that such a design can suppress pressure peaks in both directions, help extend axial seal life and improve overall reliability. It is very popular to see or experience eaton fluid power in many areas.


But Eaton's products are really expensive, so it's not a good choice for people who even want quality and need a better price. Hanjiu Technology is worth the choice, and they don't be as famous as Eaton, but hanjiu orbital motors is superb in terms of quality and innovation. They advertise themselves as innovative companies, but in fact, their products refuse to be homogenized with other motors in the market. They will irregularly update their products according to the use needs of research, turning some traditional hydraulic motors into products that more fit the actual needs. In addition to the hydraulic motor, in the development and production of valves is also unique. Long service life and price concessions are a common feature of their products. If you just need it, then please visit hanjiu official website to learn more!


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