Application and Maintenance of Oms 125 Hydraulic Motor


Oms 125 Hydraulic Motor ang Omss 125 Hydraulic Motor

Omss 125 hydraulic motor is a bearingless hydraulic motor, widely used in crushers, as crusher and screening spare parts, and combine harvesters, as harvester accessories

The bearingless motor is an end-distribution hydraulic motor. Adopting advanced column-mounted stator and rotor parameter design, it has high working efficiency, high working pressure, low starting pressure, stable operation, and the same output torque can be obtained in both directions. The permissible duration of intermittent pressure or intermittent speed is: up to 10% of the permissible value per minute. The suitable anti-wear hydraulic oil viscosity is 37~73cSt, the oil cleanliness is ISO18/13, and the maximum working oil temperature is 80°C.


Omss 125 hydraulic motor has the following product features:

(1) Adopt advanced stator and rotor parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, stable operation at low speed, able to withstand high working pressure and high output torque.

(2) Advanced shaft seal design, high back pressure bearing capacity, advanced and reliable linkage shaft design, so that the motor has a long life, advanced flow distribution mechanism design, with the characteristics of high flow distribution accuracy and automatic wear compensation

(3) The motor has a compact structure and is easy to install. It can be used in series and in parallel. When it is used in series, it should be connected to an external drain pipe.

(4) The tapered roller bearing support design has a large radial bearing capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism without adding external bearings


Maintenance OMS motor 125?

The first ,speed and pressure cannot exceed the specified values.try to keep the hydraulic oil as clean as possible. Behind most hydraulic motor failures is a decline in hydraulic oil quality.


Second, there should always be sufficient back pressure for the oil return hole of the low-speed motor, especially for the inner curve motor, otherwise the roller may break away from the curved surface and collide, which will cause noise and reduce the lifespan. The entire motor is damaged. Basically, the back pressure value is about 0.3~1MPa. The higher the speed is, the higher the back pressure should be.


Third, avoid sudden start or stop when the system is under load. The sudden start or stop of the brake when the system is under load will cause pressure spikes, and the relief valve cannot react so quickly to protect the motor from damage.


Fourth, use lubricating oil with good local safety performance, and the number of lubricating oil should be suitable for the special system.


Fifth, always check the fuel level of the fuel tank. This is a simple but critical preventive measure. If the leak is not found or repaired. Then the system will quickly lose enough hydraulic oil, and a vortex will be generated at the inlet of the pump. Let the air suck. resulting in destruction.

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