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There are many models of Oms motors, and each manufacturer has different specifications. Many buyers will have a lot of headaches when they look at the oms motor catalog. Today, this article introduces the classification and model rules of oms motors.Hope it can bring you some help.


Hydraulic motors can be divided into OMS type, According to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor, it is divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. And the speed is inversely proportional to the torque (torque), that is, the faster the speed, the smaller the torque (torque). The rated speed higher than 500r/min belongs to the high-speed hydraulic motor, and the rated speed lower than 500r/min belongs to the low-speed hydraulic motor.


 The OMS motor is a small, low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor of internal meshing OMS gear type. Its structure is simple, low-speed performance is good, and the short-term overload capacity is strong. The OMS motor has a stator and a movable blade. The stator, the blade and the drive shaft divide the motor into two chambers, each chamber has an oil port, when an oil port When the oil is in, the other one is out, and the propelling blade of the incoming oil swings.


When choosing a OMS motor, the user should choose the OMS hydraulic motor with reference to the displacement of your oil pump, the speed and power of the equipment that drives the oil pump, because the oil pump supplies the OMS motor with different flow rates. , the speed of the motor is different. The same type of OMS motor has a maximum speed and a minimum speed. The speed of the OMS motor is determined by the flow provided by the oil pump, because the flow of the oil pump is the same as the displacement of the oil pump. The speed of the equipment that drives it related.


There are many models of OMS motors, and many friends are unable to distinguish the meanings of various models. Let us share with you the significance of the models of OMS motors?

①Model series; Standard type (S, L, w) - wheel type (sw, MW, LW) and bearingless type (SN, MN, LN);  ②Displacement (mL/r) ;③Shaft end form: H (rectangular spline), P (flat key), K (involute spline);④Installation port: A', Ai, Az, A3, A4, As, A6; Mouth: Y', Y1. 6×2×21


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has Omh,Oms,Omr and other series of products,models are like Omr 50 hydraulic motor,Oms 80 hydraulic motor,Omh 500 hydraulic motor and so on.


How to choose the right OMS motor?

(1) The main basis for selecting a hydraulic motor is the requirements of the host for the hydraulic system, such as torque, speed, working pressure, displacement, shape and connection size, volumetric efficiency, total efficiency, quality, price, supply and convenience of use and maintenance sex, etc.


(2) There are many types of hydraulic motors. The characteristics are different, and the appropriate hydraulic motor should be selected according to the specific use and working conditions, referring to the following table. For low-speed operation, a low-speed motor can be selected, and a high-speed motor acceleration and deceleration device can also be used. in the choice of two options. It should be selected according to the structure and space conditions, equipment cost, and whether the driving torque is reasonable.


(3) After determining the type of motor used, several specifications that can meet the needs can be selected from the hydraulic motor product series (see the table below) according to the required speed and torque, and then a comprehensive analysis is carried out, that is, first use Characteristic curves of various specifications to find out (or calculate) the corresponding pressure drop, flow rate and efficiency;


Then, use a techno-economic evaluation to determine specific specifications, if original cost is most important. Then you should choose a motor that not only meets the torque requirements, but also makes the system flow smaller and lower pressure, so that the hydraulic source, control valve and pipeline specifications can be smaller. If the operating cost is the most important, the motor with high total efficiency should be selected; if the lifespan is the most important, the motor with the smallest pressure drop should be selected.


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