How to Increase the Speed of Oms 100 Hydraulic Motor?


OMS motor models can be divided into many types according to the displacement, such as OMS 100 hydraulic motor, OMS 315 hydraulic motor, OMS 80 hydraulic motor, OMS 400 hydraulic motor, OMS 125 hydraulic motor. During the use of the motor, sometimes we want to increase its speed, and the power we want has been reached, so how can we increase the speed of the motor?


Increasing the flow can of course increase the speed, but it will affect the service life of the OMS hydraulic motor more or less. However, as long as it is within its rated power range, there is no problem. If the oil pressure reaches the rated pressure, if the speed is increased, it will exceed the power range it can withstand. Of course, the life of the OMS hydraulic motor will be damaged. , like you can't eat so much but insist on eating, and as a result, your stomach is broken.


Increasing the flow rate can only increase the speed to a limited extent, from 500 to 900, then it is recommended to change the type of motor, the flow rate of the OMS hydraulic motor is increased to a certain extent, the speed will not increase uncontrollably, the internal oil pressure will increase, and the internal leakage will increase. large, resulting in a direct drop in efficiency, or damage to the motor.


The OMS hydraulic motor is wrong. Why does the stator and rotor pair reverse? The stator and rotor are not wrong. The relative position of the rotor and the distribution plate is wrong. The OMS motor is divided into two types: axial distribution and end distribution. The distribution method of the shaft distribution is on the main shaft. You can make a mark on the shaft end facing an oil groove, facing the smallest sealing cavity of the rotating stator pair, and try it. The distribution method of end face distribution is the distribution plate, which is connected to the rotor through the distribution shaft. After installing the rotating stator pair, it is enough to measure the depth of the sealing cavity. If the clockwise cavity of the smallest sealing cavity is deeper than the counterclockwise cavity, it is Forward rotation, and vice versa.


The depth is the sum of the rotor stator, side plate and distribution plate. The main reason is on the distribution plate. Generally speaking, when the valve plate enters the oil sideways, the cavity (high pressure cavity) that just leads to the clockwise side of the smallest sealing cavity of the rotating stator is the forward rotation.


On the whole, the method of increasing the flow can increase a certain speed value, but if you want to increase the speed significantly and stably, you still need to choose a model with a suitable speed range, which is the correct way to solve the problem. 


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