Brevini Orbital Motors Compared With Hanjiu Orbital Motors


The main products of Brevini fluid power are hydraulic system, solenoid valve, hydraulic pump, brevini orbital motors, accessories and so on. Main models: Brevini Gearboxes, Brevini EM1010 MN1 FL635E (EMI 12G), Brevini ED 2020 MN, Brevini EM 1020 80 MR1, Brevini ED 2020 FE, Brevini EMI 14 / G MR, Brevini PD/1010/MN1/A, Brevini EM 1045 MR1, Brevini EM 1020 MR1, Brevini ET 3020 M, Brevini ED 2040 MN, Brevini EM 1020 EMI 15/80, Brevini EM 1020 MR1/00, Brevini EMI 14/ GMN, Brevini ED 2065 MN1, Brevini EMI 14 SMFL 450, Brevini EMI 15 GMM, Brevini EM 1045 80 MR, Brevini EM 1045 80 MN1, Brevini B 582 MALE, Brevini EC 2090/MR I=18.


Taking Brevini's Geroller type motor as an example, according to the official website, the main features of this hydraulic motor are roller gear set and slide valve, which has high efficiency and smooth functional experience, and also has good starting torque, which can be used for internal drainage. Check valve for line option. And the valve can use relief valve with or without shuttle valve, backflush and anti-shock valve, shuttle valve, single-acting eccentric valve with shuttle valve, double-acting eccentric valve with shuttle valve, with or without relief valve.


It can be seen that their products do not have any particularly eye-catching features, and the prices are not cheap. The main products of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. are hydraulic rail motors, hydraulic steering units, hydraulic directional control valves, magnetic resonance hydraulic rail motors, and BM hydraulic Orbital Motors. It can be seen that Hanjiu, like brevini, is focused on the research and production of hydraulic system products. There are many main models of Hanjiu Technology, and I will not list them all here. Just to show you the BMTE 250 hydraulic motor, which belongs to the BMT series motor, adopts the advanced Geroler gear set design, and has a disc-type distribution flow and high pressure. Furthermore, the unit can offer individual variants of multifunctional operation according to application requirements. It has the characteristics of low starting pressure, stable and reliable operation and high efficiency, and its output shaft is suitable for tapered roller bearings that allow high axial and radial forces. Capable of providing high pressure and high torque in a wide range of applications. The advantages of long life and low price are well known to the old customers of Hanjiu Technology.


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