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There are various types of orbital motors on the market, and Danfoss' products are also outstanding among many products, with outstanding performance and strong competitiveness among similar products. Danfoss products have a wide market mainly because of the following points:


1. More than 60 years of experience in the hydraulic field, rich experience, mature trading model and trading network.

2. The brand has a great reputation and outstanding influence. Danfoss' global presence means they can provide customer service and technical support almost anywhere.

3. Danfoss cycloid motors are very efficient throughout the life of the product, which means you can save energy and money.

4. Cutting-edge design. With decades of application knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge design from Danfoss, Danfoss offers you the best performing innovative motors. Danfoss orbital motors are known for their rugged reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency to deliver optimum performance.


Among the above characteristics, I think the establishment of the brand is very important to the sales of Danfoss products. Many people can buy Danfoss products with confidence because they trust the Danfoss brand enough. However, some people believe that there is a large product price premium behind branded products, and these customers are not willing to pay for this premium. So is there a company that can replace Danfoss orbital motors in quality and at a cheaper price? Of course, Hanjiu can meet all your needs.


Hanjiu insists on providing customers with the best Orbital motors on the market. Therefore, the orbital motors produced by them can be 100% replaceable with the products of world-renowned brand companies such as Danfoss, Parker, Eaton, etc. The quality is absolutely satisfactory, and if used properly, the service life will even be longer. Hanjiu offers different series of orbital motors. Each series uses the same quality components and architecture, but follows a more streamlined process and is therefore more suitable for a competitive market. Regardless of the manufacturing process, all Hanjiu motors follow the strict protocols and procedures that Hanjiu is well known for, and Hanjiu orbital motors are always trustworthy. In short, Hanjiu orbital motors have outstanding advantages, as follows:


1. High load capacity and sturdy cardan shaft design extend motor life

2. Valve system and precision machining increase efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption

3. Smooth operation in the entire speed range and maintain constant operating torque in a wide speed range

4. High return pressure without discharge line (high pressure shaft seal)

5. High efficiency

6. Long life and rugged compact design under extreme working conditions

7. High radial and axial bearing capacity

8. Suitable for open-loop and closed-loop hydraulic systems and a variety of hydraulic oils


orbital motors have a wide range of applications and are ideal for agriculture, road construction, construction, forestry, utilities, and lawn and garden equipment. If you want to buy, I recommend Hanjiu's orbital motors, because Hanjiu's products have better performance and lower prices, and always insist on giving the greatest benefits to customers. Hanjiu's orbital motors are compact and easy to install. The maximum torque of these products ranges from 160 Nm to 410 Nm, and the nominal size ranges from 80 to 315 cm/unit. If you are interested in these products, come to Hanjiu's official website to have a look.


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