cable joystick loader control valve


In the automatic control of modern industry, the control valve plays a very important role, and industrial production depends on the correct distribution and control of the flowing medium. Whether it is the exchange of energy, the reduction of pressure or a simple container dosing, these controls require certain final control elements. We Hanjiu Technology specializes in the production and development of various hydraulic components, rail motors, steering tracks, and directional control valves. We have strong strength and advanced equipment, and have a professional R & D team composed of high-tech personnel, constantly designing and developing products. Compared with other well-known brands, our products have lower prices and safer transportation guarantees, and have also been recognized by many partners, such as the loader hydraulic control valve introduced to you today, which is also one of our widely recognized products.


Directional control valves are mainly used to control the on, off or change of the flow direction of each oil circuit in the hydraulic system. Its working principle is to use the change of the relative position of the valve core and the valve body to realize the connection or disconnection between the oil circuit and the oil circuit to meet the requirements of the system for the direction of oil flow. Our SAC port joystick loader control valves are tightly designed with 6 spool valves and can be installed in tight areas. All our spools are standard double-acting spools, spring return neutral is the best choice for double-acting cylinders, while our loader control valves are made of high-strength cast iron one-piece construction to ensure long service life and save you manufacturing costs, and SAEo ring ports ensure a secure seal to prevent clogging. Commonly used in double-acting or single-acting operating hydraulic cylinders, tractor mounted rear remote controls, and operating hydraulic motors.


Of course, in addition to this loader hydraulic control valve recommended to you, we also have more than a thousand models of control valves for sale, can meet your different needs, if you can not find your desired products in our store, you can consult our customer service, we will find the products you need with intimate service, and send you the purchase link. At the same time, if you have the need to purchase other hydraulic components, directional control valves, steering tracks, you can also contact us. As long as you give us a little trust, we are confident that with our high quality we can reach long-term cooperation with you in the future!


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