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Control valve, also known as valve, is a control component in the fluid transportation system, with the functions of diversion, interception, regulation, throttling, prevention of backflow, diversion or pressure relief and so on. It can be used to control various types of fluid activities such as air, water, steam, various corrosive chemical media, slurries, liquid metals and radioactive materials. Control valves are usually composed of a series of parts such as valve body, bonnet assembly, valve trim, valve plug, guide bushing, valve cage, seat ring, valve seat, etc. In the control valve as the name implies: the pressure control is called the pressure control valve, the control flow is called the flow, the control valve to control the on-off and flow direction is called the directional control valve, of which the directional control valve is divided into check valve and directional valve according to the use. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has a variety of series of control valves and parts for sale, if you can't find the exact content you need in our store, you can contact our customer service, our customer service will be intimate service for you to find the valve you need, and send you the purchase link.


Like our hydraulic directional valve parts 1P40 are well received by customers, manual or mechanical control hydraulic integral type, control valve is designed to distribute and control the workflow between generator and actuator, it is manufactured by 1~7 plungers and has a parallel or series action, each plunger, with a common or separate back valve. Our working group numbers for this product can be added according to your needs, up to 7 spools. The series-parallel structure we adopt, with the external load holding valve, can ensure that the high-load brake mechanism will not fall during operation, increasing its safety.On the valve group, the modules with different functions of this product can realize the free switching of single pump and double pump, which improves the work efficiency of the machine when working, and also saves energy consumption and reduces costs for you. And our primary and secondary relief valves are fully equipped and the opening pressure can be adjusted according to your needs.


If you have other related needs, you can also contact our customer service, we will serve you online 24 hours a day. We are an innovative manufacturer located in Shijiazhuang, China, specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic products, with its own design department, independent research and development of products, our leader Mr. Han established Hanjiu Technology in Shijiazhuang in 2011, Mr. Han as an engineer, more than 15 years of work in the field of hydraulics and automation, with absolute professional ability and experience. Our brand has also become a leader in the Chinese market in just ten years, with long-term cooperation customers in Europe, North America, South America and Africa, and the products we sell also have a good reputation in terms of cost performance and authenticity. If you are interested in purchasing hydraulic components, you may wish to try our products, believe that we will become each other's most loyal partners!


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