Introduction to orbital motor


Orbital Motor is a small, low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor with internal meshing cycloidal gear. Orbital motor has the characteristics of simple structure, good low-speed performance, strong short-term overload capacity, and it also has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry and large torque, and is widely used in engineering machinery, machine tools, petroleum, agricultural machinery, construction, mining and other industries. Different types of orbital motors are available in different displacements to meet people's requirements for various speeds and torques.

According to the different distribution methods, orbital motor can be divided into two types: axial distribution and disc distribution. If classified according to the different gear rings in the gear set, orbital motor can be divided into two forms: fixed gear rings without rollers and fixed gear rings equipped with rollers. Disc distribution motors can share a system with piston pumps or can be used in closed-loop systems, where distribution plates with wear compensation bases can improve the performance of orbital motors. The orbital motor fixing ring is equipped with rollers, which can reduce the pressure around the tooth edge, disperse the load of the tooth shape, and reduce friction; Such a structure can ensure that the orbital motor can still have a long working time and high work efficiency in long-term operation.

When we use orbital motor, we should pay attention to the correct installation method and use method, which is related to the service life and working performance of orbital motor. First of all, the fixed support installed when installing the hydraulic motor should have sufficient rigidity to avoid accidents caused by being too fragile. Secondly, when using, you should choose a good quality working fluid, do not buy unqualified oil, especially can not mix different brands of oil. Finally, during use, it should be noted that the radial load borne by the output shaft of the hydraulic motor has an upper limit and does not overload the operation.

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