Hydraulic joystick control


Hydraulic control valve refers to the hydraulic transmission system or hydraulic control system used to control the liquid pressure, flow and direction of the components. Any hydraulic system, no matter how simple, can not lack hydraulic valves. The hydraulic press and equipment with the same process purpose can be used in different combinations of hydraulic valves to form a variety of hydraulic system schemes with different oil circuit structures. Therefore, hydraulic valve is the most varieties and specifications of hydraulic technology, the most widely used, the most active part. It functions as standard, with a built-in pressure valve from 0 to 320bar, a spring return handle to the neutral position, and as an additional option, it can secure the handle and float position for electric control, hydraulic control, and pneumatic control.Our hydraulic lever control valves are manufactured on the most modern equipment and tested throughout all manufacturing cycles, starting with checking the quality of the cast casing and the clearance between the casing and the spool pair. High-precision spool fabrication provides "zero leakage" during operating pressure, providing minimal pressure drop when switching the spool's position with respect to the neutral position. The technology and design department uses high quality materials (water cast iron) and unique precision in manufacturing each dispenser, which allows for high performance and minimal steam leakage.


Hanjiu Company's hydraulic control rod products have great advantages. Such as, all kinds of manual control valve, electromagnetic, hydraulic control, and hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, valve and other hydraulic equipment, 12 months warranty the directional control valve to meet the highest requirements and quality standards, in Europe than similar domestic P40, P80, DCV60 DCV100 is many times higher, so Korea nine valve distributor has become all kinds of public utilities, mining, lifting , garbage collection, snow removal, agriculture, and all kinds of special equipment of good alternatives, such as manipulator, tractors, combine harvesters, excavators, mini tractor, truck cranes, aerial platform, forestry manipulator, separator, wood cutting machine, garbage trucks, wheel loader, motor vehicles, motor grader, timber trucks, bulldozers and dump trucks, and all types of wood , metal cutting and other machines, presses and hydraulic stations as excellent alternatives to OEM hydraulic control valves that you can find on original equipment.


If you need to purchase a hydraulic joystick control valve, our professionals will be happy to help you select the valve you need. Our experts will provide free advice to help you choose similar hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.


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