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Divert valve, also known as speed synchronization valve, is a general term for divert valve, collector valve, one-way divert valve, one-way collector valve and proportional divert valve in hydraulic valves. Synchronous valves are mainly used in double-cylinder and multi-cylinder synchronous control hydraulic systems. There are usually many ways to achieve synchronous movement, but among them, the synchronous control hydraulic system using divert collector valve-synchronous valve has many advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy manufacturing and strong reliability, so synchronous valves have been widely used in hydraulic systems. The following is introduced in detail by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd.


Divert valve, so that the same oil source in the hydraulic system supplies the same flow rate to more than two actuators (equal amount of divertion), or a certain proportion of the flow rate to two actuators (proportional divertence) to achieve the speed of the two actuators to maintain synchronization or proportional relationship. According to the adjustment method, divert valves are divided into: fixed divert manifold valve, self-adjusting divert manifold valve, adjustable divert manifold valve, and combined modulated divert manifold valve with self-adjusting and adjustable combination. The above series of hydraulic valves can be designed as small flow divert manifold valves. Among them, the fixed structure synchronous valve can be divided into two structures: reversing piston type and hook type. This series of hydraulic valves can also be divided into equal flow divert valves and proportional flow divert valves according to the flow distribution mode, and the ratio is often used is 2:1. It can also be designed as a  small flow synchronous valve according to the required proportion.


The difference between collector and diverter valves:

1) The collector valve is installed on the oil return circuit of the two actuators, and the return oil flow of the two loads is collected together to return the oil;

2) The two flow sensors of the divert valve have a common inlet pressure, and the larger the flow rate of the flow sensor, the lower the outlet pressure; The two flow sensors of the manifold valve are discharged together, and the larger the flow rate of the flow sensor, the higher its inlet pressure. Therefore, the pressure feedback direction of the manifold valve is exactly the opposite of the divert valve; 

3) The collector valve can only ensure that the actuator is synchronized when returning oil.


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