Crawler Running Gear And Hyd Motor


The difference between the crawler type walking device and the tire type is obvious in appearance, and the characteristics of its internal structure are also quite different. The crawler-type traveling device is composed of driving wheels, guide wheels, supporting wheels, supporting wheels, crawlers, tensioning devices and buffer springs, traveling mechanisms, and traveling frames. They perform their respective duties to make the track move smoothly.


For example, the most common excavator operates on the following principle: the driving wheel generates a pulling force on the tight side of the track, that is, the driving section and the grounding section (supporting section), in an attempt to pull the track out from under the roller, but due to the support There is sufficient adhesion between the track under the heavy wheels and the ground to prevent the track from being pulled out, forcing the driving wheel to roll the track, and the guide wheel lays the track on the ground, so that the excavator moves forward along the track track with the support wheel run. Some more complex actions must be completed by hydraulically driven crawler travel devices. When the excavator turns, the travel motor installed on the two crawlers and supplied by two hydraulic pumps (a special control valve is required to control the oil supply by one oil pump) can be easily realized through the control of the oil circuit. Turn or turn on the spot to adapt to the movement of the excavator on various grounds and sites. Compared with the crawler-type hydraulic excavator traveling device, the hydraulic transmission has the main characteristics of the tire-type traveling device: the ground is required to be flat and solid, so as to avoid excessive wheel ruts, increase the driving resistance and steering resistance of the excavator, and affect the stability of the excavator; The walking speed of the tire excavator usually does not exceed 20km/h, and the climbing ability is 40%-60%. In order to improve the off-road performance of the excavator, it is advisable to use all-wheel drive and hydraulic suspension to balance the swing shaft. When working, it is supported by hydraulic outriggers, which unloads the front and rear axles and improves the stability of the whole machine.


Therefore, some crawler-type walking devices need special hydraulic motors. For this purpose, Hanjiu produces Crawlers OMR Hydraulic Motor, Crawlers Wheel Motor and other products, which have high efficiency, long life, stable operation and favorable price. They are all worth buying, high in quality and low in price. of high-quality goods.



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