How To Solve Hydraulic Motor Water Ingress


If after using the machine, it is found that the hydraulic oil is polluted and deteriorated and becomes milky white and viscous, it is most likely caused by a large amount of water entering the hydraulic motor. At this time, there is no need to panic. In general, clean the hydraulic system of the whole machine and replace the hydraulic oil. can solve the problem. Below, Hanjiu Technology has listed some detailed instructions for you.


The cleaning step looks easy on the surface, but in fact the cost may be a bit high. Using the physical principle of oil-water separation will be a good way to save money and effort. Discharge the hydraulic oil from the oil suction pipe of the main pump into another heatable container, and when the temperature of the deteriorated oil reaches 78-82°C, stop heating and let the hydraulic oil cool naturally. During the cooling process, since the density of oil is lower than that of water, the oil will slowly float on the water. When the temperature drops to 68-72°C, most of the oil floating above can be taken out and reused. In order to ensure the purity of the hydraulic oil, the oil-water mixture at the bottom of the container can be stored separately for further purification. After refilling the purified hydraulic oil into the system (take the excavator as an example), you can run the machine again to do compound actions to raise the temperature of the hydraulic oil to about 50°C. Each action should not be less than 50 times, and the time should be Less than 30 minutes. After completing the compound action, release all the oil in the system, pour it into the heating barrel for heating, continue the operation according to the oil-water separation method, and cycle the above steps for more than 5 times (note that new oil should be added into the system during the cycle) ). After completing the fifth cycle, level the excavator, fully retract the boom arm and bucket cylinder, and allow the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic oil in the pipeline to flow back to the oil tank to the maximum extent. After the machine is turned off, the oil in the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic cylinder, pipeline, travel motor and accessories is released. Connect the pipe joints, and add the previously drained hydraulic oil to the factory standard. Start the excavator until the oil temperature reaches 50°C, let the machine run for 1 hour, and observe that the oil is light yellow and clear in color. After continuing to use for 10 hours, observe the oil again. If the hydraulic oil has no deterioration and the color is clear, it means that the oil is basically normal. Afterwards, the machine was tracked, and the oil was not found to deteriorate again. The problem of hydraulic oil deterioration has been completely solved.


Under extreme conditions, Hanjiu's hydraulic motors can achieve longer operating life and more stable operating speeds than equivalent motors. The hydraulic motors produced cover almost any model you need on the market. While the technology is constantly iterating upwards, the price advantage of the Hanjiu brand is still maintained. If you are a hydraulic importer or distributor, please contact us to discuss cooperation.



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