Eaton Orbital Hydraulic Motor


Rail hydraulic motor is a very common motor on the market, because the rail hydraulic motor models are very many, so the use of it is more flexible. Today we mainly compare the motor series of Eaton Company with the motor series of Hanjiu Technology Company.


The first is Eaton Hydraulics, which is headquartered in eden prairie, Minnesota, USA, with more than twenty plants worldwide. Following the successful acquisition of Victrex in 1999, they owned a product brand that included Eaton, Vickers, char-lynn, aeroquip and hydro-line, etc., covering the entire hydraulic product line, offering everything from power sources, control elements, actuators, connectors, contamination control and complete hydraulic systems. Their company's products are widely recognized in today's hydraulic market, and they are doing very well in product development, technical strength, product quality and other aspects.


The main markets for eaton hydraulics include construction, agriculture, traditional industries, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and horticulture, among others. Relying on its global distribution network, it is possible to see or appreciate the fast and convenient services provided by Eaton Fluid Power in many regions, but in China, his market is not as large as that of Hanjiu. Of course, from conventional industries to mobile machinery, from individual components to system solutions, their company has always done what it promised, and in some ways, eaton hydraulics is indeed a reliable partner for your choice of hydraulic products worldwide.


In the eaton orbital hydraulic motor, the main promotion is the Xcel series of motors, Eaton Xcel Gerotor/Geroler hydraulic motor at a dual-zone price to provide three-zone protection, lower energy consumption, lower operating temperature. Such a design suppresses pressure peaks in both directions, helping to extend shaft seal life and improve overall reliability.


The following is Hanjiu Technology Company, the headquarters of Hanjiu Technology Company in Shijiazhuang, China, now they are one of the most professional hydraulic companies in China, and the overseas trade is also very much, covering many countries and regions. Hanjiu Technology company's hydroaulic motor model can be said to be very much, omp hydraulic motor, omt hydraulic motor, omv hydraulic motor..., each series is also divided into many different models, in short, in their company can always find the motor you want, their company's products in addition to having very good performance, but also has many other features worth buying, For example, long life, good price performance and so on. It is also second to none in terms of after-sales, no matter what trouble you encounter, you can always contact customer service, they will quickly make a solution based on your problem. In addition, their production is also very fast, and the warranty period is relatively longer, reaching 18 months. They will never cut corners because the price is lower than other manufacturers, their products are always fine, can carry out one-to-one quality inspection of each product, and strive to bring the greatest benefits to the local people.


After reading the comparison of hydrolic motor, which brand is better in everyone's mind? Welcome to the official website to inquire and purchase.


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