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Although the style and type of orbital motors in the market are not much of the same, but because hydraulic motors are precision products, we can't get their own characteristics just based on external features. And each brand of the motor production has its own differences, today we are going to show you the characteristics of the danfoss orbital motors and HanJiu orbital motors omm series of hydraulic motors.


First of all, Danfoss, Danfoss, as an internationally renowned big brand in the hydraulic field, we should be familiar with everyone, so I will directly cut into and talk with you about the performance characteristics of Danfoss OMM hydraulic motor. The OMM series cytinoid hydraulic motor is a miniature shaft distribution motor that can be installed in a small space. Using integral rotary stator payment, 4 / 5 tooth structure, compact structure, light weight, high power density. Its characteristics are:

1. The integral rotary stator payment adopts the world processing technology means to ensure that the whole machine has a small volume, high efficiency, high speed and long life.

2. The shaft seal pressure is high and can be used in series and parallel.

3. Advanced structural design and high power density.


Main main models are: OMM8, OMM 12.5, OMM 20, OMM32, OMM 40, OMM 50.


Now I would like to introduce to you the omm series hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology Company. With its own advantages, it can be described as a dark horse in the hydraulic field in recent years, and the development speed is very fast, and the products are also exported from China to various countries. Their hydraulic motors include some of the Danfoss products, and have some features worth mentioning:

1. The motor is small and economical, using the shaft distribution flow design, and is adapted to the cycloid gear set design, with high power and light weight.

2. The cycloid gear set adopts advanced manufacturing device, with high efficiency and long life.

3. The shaft seal can withstand the high pressure of the motor, and can be used in parallel or in series.

4. Advanced structural design, high power and low weight.

5. Preferential price. Compared with some expensive international brands, buying motors of Hanjiu brand can save more than 1 / 2 of the cost.


Which motor do you think attracts you even more? If you have more interest in Hanjiu Technology, feel welcome to www.hjhydraulic.com to learn more.


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