parker orbital motors vs. HANJIU orbital motors


Whether it is parker orbital motors or Hanjiu orbital motors, due to different manufacturers, the characteristics and design of the motors themselves will also be different, so they will work differently. Today I will tell you about the characteristics of parker orbital motors and Hanjiu orbital motors.


1. Parker orbital motors

(1) The characteristic of the parker motor is that the well-designed valve plate can run at high speed with less noise, and can provide the pump that rotates left and right at the same time.

(2) The parker motor can generate high torque under starting and idling conditions.

(3) Heavy-duty roller bearings enable the drive shaft to withstand significant axial and radial loads.

(4) The parker motor has a simple and straightforward design and has small moving parts, so it is very reliable.

(5) Parker is a world-renowned company with a product sales network all over the world, which is convenient for customers to purchase. In addition, Parker has a great brand reputation and has been producing orbital motors for a long time. It can be said that it is a leader in the field of hydraulic motors. Many people have heard of Parker's reputation, so they will happily choose Parker's products when shopping for orbital motors.


2. Hanjiu orbital motors

Hanjiu is a company in China and has more than ten years of experience in the production of orbital motors. Hanjiu's orbital motors have the following features and advantages:

(1) Hanjiu's orbital motors adopts a special ball plunger design, which can run at high speed under high pressure of 480 bar and has strong output power capability;

(2) The drive shaft has an angle of 40 degrees relative to the cylinder axis, which makes the motor and pumping mechanism very compact and light;

(3) Piston rings with laminated structure have many important advantages, such as less internal leakage and high temperature impact resistance.

(4) The unique plunger locking design, the time-sharing gear and bearing structure, a small number of components, and the sturdy and durable structure all prove the reliability of Hanjiu orbital motors.

(5) The orbital motors of Hanjiu can completely replace the orbital motors produced by international brands such as Parker, Danfoss, Eaton, etc. They are equal in quality and performance, and even Hanjiu's orbital motors are better in some aspects.

(6) The orbital motors produced by Hanjiu are cheaper. Hanjiu is a Chinese company. With the advantages of labor and resources in China, it can control the cost and price within a relatively low range without reducing product quality. In addition, Hanjiu always insists on giving the maximum profit to customers and sticks to the strategy of small profits but quick turnover, so the price is relatively low.


Parker and Hanjiu's products I recommend Hanjiu's products, because Hanjiu's products have lower prices and better service under the same quality. If you are interested in Hanjiu's related products, go to Hanjiu's official website to have a look!


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