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Danfoss is an integrated provider of walking system solutions. Provide to the market transmission components, open circuit pumps, motors, valves, steering components, and integrated systems. The company's wide range of products was built on 45 years of experience in the design and manufacture of walking mechanical hydraulics, so over these years it was recognized as a supplier of high quality. The manufactured motor products are suitable for rollers, pavers, stable soil mixer, concrete mixing truck, concrete pump and other construction machinery and combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery.


Here to show you denfoss orbital motor, OMS series cycloidal hydraulic motor is a good end surface flow structure hydraulic motor, the series of motor using column type rotor stator pay, with high working pressure, high working efficiency, high efficiency, good maintenance, long working life characteristics. Multi-functional variant design can be conducted according to user needs on the basis of standard structure. Its performance features are:

1. Good rotor stator parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency and good retention.

2. High working pressure and high output torque. Using the conical roller bearing structure, bearing the shaft, the radial load can be strong, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism, expand the scope of use.

3. Good end surface flow distribution structure, is the motor flow distribution accuracy is high, strong automatic compensation function after wear, to ensure high volume efficiency, the motor is long life, to ensure that the motor speed is stable, the load speed characteristics are stable.


As a well-known enterprise, there is no doubt that the quality of the motor of Denfoss is good, but it is precisely because of its well-known, so the positioning of high-end, directly led to the high price of the hydraulic motor, Hanjiu technology hydraulic motor directly makes up for this deficiency. Almost all hydraulic products can replace Danfoss products (such as the oms series shown today), and both the quality and the experience, and the price is favorable. This is done because it has a number of highly professional workers and teams who produce quality hydraulic motors and outstanding leaders who deliver its products to consumers to get better customer feedback and more customers. If you are interested in Hanjiu Technology, please visit www.hjhydraulic.com to learn more.



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