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White Company is an old brand company specializing in hydraulic products. In the past few decades, the hydraulic products produced by White Company have been sold all over the world and have been welcomed by many users. Compared with White Company, Hanjiu Company is also a young and emerging company in the hydraulic field, despite having more than ten years of production experience. Hanjiu's orbital motors are no worse than white orbital motors. Let's compare these two products today!


white orbital motors are a classic hit from the White Company for high efficiency and durability. The three-zone orbital valve, laminated manifold and roller stator motor work in harmony to produce high overall efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. Standard case drain extends shaft seal life by reducing the internal pressure to which the seal is subjected. Case oil leaks also pass directly through all driveline components, extending motor life. Internal bleed options are also available. At the heart of this motor is a heavy-duty transmission that provides 30 percent more torque capacity than competing designs.


Hanjiu orbital motors are also no less than the best in their class. Hanjiu orbital motors use an advanced gear set design with discs to distribute flow and high pressure. Depending on the application requirements, these motors offer various options for versatile operation. Output shaft tapered roller bearings allow high axial and radial forces, providing smooth operation during low pressure start-up and high pressure operation. Low pressure starting; reinforced shaft seal; high starting torque and ability to withstand huge back pressure; ability to transfer axial and radial loads; compact and easy to install. These motors provide premium power for small to large, medium to heavy duty needs. Advanced geroler gear set design Low starting pressure for smooth operation High axial and radial forces disc distributes flow for automatic compensation Rugged construction for longer life Higher side load capacity Smooth, ultra low speed operation High pressure shaft seal is standard Innovative design without housing emissions Reliability based on high quality design and manufacturing.


In short, both white orbital motors and orbital motors are excellent products, but specifically, Hanjiu orbital motors have better performance and are more worth buying. As a young company, Hanjiu is obviously more dynamic and creative, and they put a lot of energy into innovation to ensure that Hanjiu's products can better meet the needs of consumers. More importantly, with the help of China's local advantages, the products produced by Hanjiu have lower cost, so the price is cheaper, the price is very high, and the price is more favorable if you buy in bulk.


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