Directional valve


The directional valve is a component used to control the flow direction of the compressed air in the pipeline and the air flow interruption. It is the most widely used type of valve in the pneumatic system. According to the action direction of the air flow in the valve, the directional control valve can be divided into two types: one-way directional control valve and reversing directional control valve. A directional control valve that only allows airflow in one direction is called a one-way directional control valve, such as one-way valve, shuttle valve, double-pressure valve, etc. A directional control valve that can change the direction of airflow is called a reversing directional control valve, or reversing valve for short.


1. Reversing directional control valve


(1) Classification according to the control method of the valve: air pressure control, electromagnetic control, human control and mechanical control.

(2) Classification according to the working position of the valve: The working position of the valve is called "position", and the valve with several switching working positions is called "several position" valve. Such as "two-position" valve and "three-position" valve. The position of the valve when no control signal is applied or when it is operated is called the zero position.

(3) Classification according to the number of ports of the valve: the port of the valve (including the exhaust port) is called "pass", and the port of the valve includes the inlet, the outlet and the exhaust port, but does not include the control port. Common valves include two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way. According to the switching position of the valve and the number of ports, the name of the valve can be called, such as two-position two-way valve, three-position five-way valve, etc.

(4) Classification by spool structure The commonly used spool structures are cut-off type and spool type.

(5) Classification according to the number of controls: it can be divided into single control type and double control type.

(6) Classification according to the installation and connection method of the valve: pipe connection, plate connection, flange connection and integrated connection, etc.


2. One-way directional control valve


(1) One-way valve The one-way valve is a valve that allows the airflow to flow only in one direction, but not in the reverse direction. One-way valves are often combined with throttle valves to control the speed of actuators.

(2) Shuttle valve. The shuttle valve is equivalent to a valve that is a combination of two one-way valves, and its function is equivalent to the logical function of the "OR" gate.

(3) Double pressure valve. The function of the double pressure valve is equivalent to the "AND" gate logic function. The dual pressure valve has two input ports P 1 and P 2 and one output port A. Port A has output only when both inputs are filled with air. When the air pressure input at ports P 1 and P 2 is not equal, the one with low air pressure will be output through port A. Dual pressure valves are often used in safety interlock circuits.

(4) Quick exhaust valve. When the cylinder or pressure vessel needs to be exhausted for a short time, a quick exhaust valve is added between the reversing valve and the cylinder, so that the gas in the cylinder no longer passes through the reversing valve, but is directly exhausted through the quick exhaust valve, speeding up the process. Cylinder movement speed. Especially when the reversing valve is far away from the cylinder, a quick exhaust valve is arranged near the cylinder, and the gas in the cylinder can be quickly discharged into the atmosphere.


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