p40 monoblock valve


Do you know what we need to pay attention to when installing the p40 monoblock valve? Valves play a pivotal role in machine operation and are high-precision instruments. Once there is a problem with the valve, the operation of the entire machine may be paralyzed, so the use and installation process of the valve must strictly follow the specifications.


Usually during the installation process we need to check the following 13 items:


(1) Is the serial number of the valve or the "tag number" at the site location correct?

(2) Is the valve installed correctly and the flow direction is correct?

(3) Is the valve action (ie, fault open or fault closed) correct?

(4) Is the action of the positioner correct (if installed)?

(5) Can the combination of actuator and positioner action achieve the desired effect?

(6) Is the stroke length (or angle) of the valve correct? Should the valve begin to open when it should and reach full stroke at the end of the input signal?

(7) In the closed position, is full air pressure accumulated in the diaphragm or piston cylinder to ensure full seat load?

(8) Is the air filter regulator (if installed) properly set to provide the required air pressure?

(9) If limit switches are installed, are they set to correctly indicate valve position?

(10) If the valve is equipped with a position transmitter, is it set to indicate the correct position of the valve? This is especially important because the indicated position is the position that the commissioning personnel will deal with, not the actual position of the valve.

(11) If the solenoid valve is installed on the valve actuator for emergency response or quick response, is its action correct?

(12) If the valve is fitted with an air fail lockout, is it actually possible to hold the valve in place on an air fail?

(13) If the valve is fitted with a boost relay or other fast acting system, can the system achieve the desired operating speed without any instability or fluctuations?


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