Directional valve


The directional valve is a directional control valve with more than two flow forms and more than two oil ports. Directional valve, also known as Chris valve, a type of valve, has a multi-directional adjustable channel, which can change the flow direction of the fluid in time. Directional valve is to use the relative movement of the valve core in the valve body to connect, cut off or change the oil circuit connection combination mode, change the flow direction of the oil, so as to realize the start, stop or change of the direction of movement of the hydraulic actuator and its driving mechanism. The directional valve has a high degree of automation and stable work efficiency, but requires additional drive and cooling systems, and the structure is more complicated; The disc structure is simpler and is mostly used in production processes with small flow rates.

Directional valves can be distinguished by three different classification criteria. First, the directional valve can be divided into manual directional valve, electromagnetic directional valve, electrohydraulic directional valve, etc. according to the different operation methods of the valve core movement. Second, according to the structure of directional valve, it can be divided into spool valve type, rotary valve type, ball valve type, and poppet valve type. Third, according to the working position of the valve and the number of channels controlled, it can be divided into two-position two-way valve, two-position three-way valve, two-position four-way valve, three-position four-way valve, three-position five-way valve, etc.

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of several directional valves. The electromagnetic directional valve is a directional valve that uses electromagnetic attraction to manipulate the direction of the valve spool transposition to control the working direction of the valve. Since it can be controlled by the signals sent by pushbutton switches, stroke switches, limit switches, pressure relays, etc., it is easy to operate and more convenient to automate. 

Electro-hydraulic directional valve is a composite valve formed by combining electromagnetic directional valve and hydraulic directional valve. Among them, the electromagnetic directional valve controls the action of the hydraulic directional valve and changes the working position of the hydraulic directional valve; The hydraulic directional valve is used as the main valve to control the actuators in the hydraulic system.

The manual directional valve is a directional control valve that uses a hand push lever to manipulate the spool to change position. Manual directional valves are mainly available in two types: spring return and ball positioning. Spring automatic return three-way four-way manual directional valve, after pushing the valve core through the handle, in order to maintain the extreme state must always firmly grasp the column handle, otherwise once the handle is released, the valve core will automatically spring back to the neutral position under the action of spring force. Steel ball positioning three-way four-way manual directional valve is different, after pushing the valve core to move relative to the valve body with the hand control handle, the valve core can be stabilized in three different working positions through the steel ball, which does not require manual maintenance, which is more labor-saving.

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