Orbitrol, also known as hydraulic power steering. It is a cycloidal rotary valve type full orbitrol composed of a follow-up rotary valve and a cycloidal rotary stator pair, with oil pump, relief valve, steering cylinder and accessories to form a full hydraulic steering system. The core component of the full hydraulic steering system is the steering gear, which has a large power-density ratio, flexible layout and light operation, and has a wide range of applications in low-speed heavy-duty tractor, engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, road maintenance machinery and other fields.

orbitrol is used to control the action of the steering hydraulic cylinder to achieve hydraulic steering; When the steering hydraulic pump stops supplying oil, manual steering is realized. Orbitrol is attached to the steering bracket by screws and consists of a steering valve and a cycloid gear motor. Orbitrol can be divided into gear type, worm roller type, circulating ball rack and pinion fan type and so on according to the structural composition. According to the form of assistance, it can be divided into non-assisted and assisted.

Orbitrol is a precision hydraulic component that requires care when installing and disassembling, and is best handled by professionals. First of all, when disassembling, be sure to carefully preserve the parts that have been removed, because these small objects are often easily lost or damaged. Secondly, when disassembling, do not use hard metal tools such as iron hammers, should use copper rods or rubber hammers to gently knock, can not use hard metal tools such as rotary tools to pry open the sealing surface or precision counterface, in case of scratching the surface is difficult to repair.

Finally, there are the details that should be paid attention to when installing. The installer should thoroughly clean all parts of the orbitrol before assembly, the seals should be lubricated during assembly, and the precision mating parts can be gently pushed in by hand, remember not to knock with hard metal. Do not wear cotton gloves when assembling, and similar gloves that are easy to drop fabric residue are best not used. Assembling orbitrol requires a place without too much dust to ensure a good assembly environment. Do not wipe the sealing surface or precision mating surface with cotton, gauze or rag. 

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