hydraulic control valve


Hydraulic valve is a component that controls and adjusts the direction of hydraulic power flow and flow required by the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the actuator to meet the external load, change the direction of movement and the speed of movement. The classification of hydraulic valves is usually carried out from three aspects: structural form and functional control direction. The following is introduced by Hanjiu Technology.


According to the structural form, it can be divided into spool valves, poppet valves and ball valves. Sliding is a gap seal with a certain sealing length between the spool and the valve port, so there is a dead zone in the spool movement. The spool semi-cone angle of the poppet valve is generally between 12 degrees and 20 degrees, and the valve port is a line seal when it is closed, which has good sealing performance and sensitive working performance. The ball valve is the same as the poppet valve in terms of performance except for the form.


According to the function, it can be divided into hydraulic control valve, flow control valve and directional control valve. Pressure control valve is used to control and adjust the hydraulic system hydraulic flow pressure valve, are all a kind of pressure control valve. Flow control valves, as the name implies, are valves used to control and regulate the flow of hydraulic systems. The directional control valve is a valve used to control and change the direction of the hydraulic system,


 According to the control direction classification, it can be divided into fixed value or switch control valves, proportional control valves, waiting control valves, and word count control valves. Fixed or on-off control valves are valves with a fixed quantity to be controlled, including ordinary control valves, cartridge valves, and superimposed valves. Proportional control valves are valves that are controlled in proportion to the input signal and change continuously, including ordinary proportional valves and electro-hydraulic proportional valves with in-line feedback. Waiting control valves are valves with continuous changes in the proportion of deviations between the controlled quantity and the input and output, including the electro-hydraulic waiting method and electro-hydraulic waiting valves. The digital control valve is to use digital information to directly control the closure of the valve port, so as to control the pressure of the liquid flow, and the valve in the flow direction can be directly interfaced with the computer, without the need for a D/A converter.


That knows the basic classification of hydraulic valves, there are many types and brands of hydraulic valves on the market, and the quality of products is also mixed, when purchasing, what aspects should we consider?

1. Sensitive action, reliable use, small impact and vibration during work.

2. When the valve port is fully open, the flow pressure should be small; When the valve port is closed, the sealing performance is good.

3. The control parameters should be stable, and the amount of change should be small when disturbed by the outside world.

4. Compact structure, installation and adjustment, convenient maintenance, good versatility.


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