Directional valve maintenance


In the use of the directional valve, loss is inevitable, at this time we need to maintain the reversing valve with problems, so what should we pay attention to during the maintenance process?


1. Repair the valve core

Repair the spool is mainly to repair the damage and strain, if the situation is minor and not serious, you can give preference to polishing, if the damage is serious, then brush the spool.


2. Valve body repair

The repair valve body is mainly a repair hole, which can be repaired by grinding or fine hinge with a reamer.


3. Repair the pusher 

During the use of the test solenoid pusher, oil leakage may occur due to scratching the surface. Wet solenoid valves do not have this problem, and can be reprocessed in the case of oil leakage by imitating the original size; If the AC electromagnet generates noise, it is necessary to shorten the size of the actuator; If it is a poor commutation, it is generally caused by insufficient actuator length, and the size needs to be remeasured.


4. Electromagnet repair

The decontamination and rust removal treatment of fixed iron core and non-fixed iron core is mainly the repair of dry electromagnets, and the contact surface between the two should be polished with oil stones to avoid dirt entering and prevent the contact surface gap from being too large, resulting in electromagnet heating. 


5. Precautions

(1) Handle it gently during maintenance to avoid bumps and falls.

(2) When replacing parts, use original parts or parts of equivalent quality.

(3) When cleaning the valve body, be careful to avoid residual impurities and cleaning agents, so as not to affect the movement of the valve core.

(4) When debugging, the no-load test should be carried out first, and then the load test should be carried out after confirmation.


Mastering the correct directional valve maintenance method can not only improve the maintenance efficiency, ensure the stable operation of the system, but also improve the service life of the valve body to a certain extent, I hope this directional valve maintenance method will help you.


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