earth moving machinery depends on hydraulic power?


The working principle of hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump is to convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy and transmit it to the actuator, and then convert the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy to do work, so as to complete the work of earth moving machinery.


In the hydraulic system to ensure the orderly operation of earth moving machinery, the hydraulic control valve is an essential hydraulic power part. Hydraulic control valve refers to the components in the hydraulic control system used to control the liquid pressure, flow quantity and flow direction. As a type of hydraulic control valve, the directional control valve changes the flow direction of the oil by changing the flow path, so it is also an indispensable part of earth moving machinery. According to the flow direction of the fluid in the pipeline, the directional valve can be divided into a one-way control valve and a reversing control valve. The one-way control valve only allows the fluid to flow forward in the pipeline, and does not allow reverse flow, and the reverse is cut off. The reversing control valve switches on or off several oil circuits connected to the reversing valve by changing the position of the spool, so as to control the start, stop or reversing of earth moving machinery. 


HANJIU hydraulic directional valve is a multi-way reversing valve. The multi-way reversing valve is a combination valve with two or more reversing valves as the main body. According to different work requirements, auxiliary valves such as check valve, oil filling valve and safety relief valve can also be combined. Choose a HANJIU hydraulic directional valve to efficiently meet all your needs. 


The following are the characteristics of the HANJIU hydraulic directional valve


1. Longer service life


The open type reversing valve oil flows in the opening direction, cavitation and erosion mainly act on the sealing surface, the bottom of the valve core and the sealing surface of the valve core valve seat It is very easy to be damaged; the flow-closed type flows in the closed direction, cavitation and erosion effect after throttling, the sealing surface of the valve seat is below the sealing surface, which protects the sealing surface and the bottom of the valve core and prolongs the service life. The external drive transmission mechanism is used to rotate the drive shaft, so that the working fluid can flow into the outlet leading to the lower part of the valve, and can be changed from time to time, so as to realize the purpose of periodically changing the flow direction. As a reversing valve, the HANJIU hydraulic directional valve has a longer life and greatly increased service time compared to the traditional one-way valve. 


2. Cost saving 

The multi-way reversing valve is a manual reversing valve group which is composed of several manual reversing valves. The use of multi-way reversing valves in the hydraulic system of the earth moving machinery can centrally control multiple actuators. Longer use time also allows customers to reduce investment in fixed assets and save investment costs for customers. Compared with other control methods, it has a very high cost-effective advantage, and is the best choice for upgrading all kinds of earth moving machinery.


3. Later maintenance becomes simple and efficient 


HANJIU hydraulic directional valve pipeline is simple, installation and disassembly are very simple. Therefore, in the post-maintenance and repair process, the ten buildings are also simple and efficient. They can be removed and inspected for each component, and then reinstalled to continue to use, which effectively improves the maintenance efficiency. 


HANJIU hydraulic directional valve has compact structure, small pressure loss, little resistance to sliding valve movement, multiple functions, simple manufacture, long service life and cost saving. Therefore, it is widely used in construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and other mobile machinery that requires the movement of multiple actuators. Thanks to this, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has cooperated with many companies and has become a multinational hydraulic motor supplier, and looks forward to cooperating with you.



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