Features and Application of Hydraulic Motor OMR 160


The OMR 160 hydraulic motor is a low-speed, high-torque motor with a geometric displacement of 159.7 cm3 for vehicles with high loads and pressure drops. Some customers use it for vehicles with large loads and pressure drops, some customers use it for construction equipment, agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, lawn and lawn equipment, special purpose, machine tools and stationary equipment, and marine equipment, etc.


OMH/OMS/OMR motors or rotary vane pumps are driven by an engine. The hydraulic motor is like a pump. In general, a hydraulic motor contains an outer rotor and an inner rotor, which are linked by gears, but the outer rotor has one more tooth than the inner rotor (inner 4 and outer 5), so there is space between the two. When rotating, the inner rotor and the outer rotor will squeeze the cavity between them, thereby generating pressure.


The hydraulic motor is also a high-torque motor. Due to the large displacement, the same large pressure acts on the hydraulic motor, and the output torque is naturally large. However, compared with the plunger motor, the hydraulic motor is a medium and low voltage motor. The pressure is about 25MPa. Generally speaking, the rated pressure is 20MPa, which is not too small, but some plunger motors can reach 40MPa, which is much larger than that of hydraulic hydraulic motors.

Due to the low-speed and high-torque characteristics of the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor can maintain a low speed and output a large torque, and can be directly connected to mechanical equipment without an acceleration and deceleration mechanism. But it does not mean that the hydraulic motor cannot accelerate the reducer. In some special occasions, the hydraulic motor and the reducer can output lower speed and greater torque.


hydraulical hydraulic motors are not as familiar as gear motors or piston motors, and they may seem special, but in fact, hydraulical motors are a type of hydraulic motor with a particularly wide range of applications. However, it has not been included in the teaching scope of traditional hydraulic textbooks, so that people do not know much about hydraulic motors. In our product range we also have items such as omr 100 hydraulic motoromr 50 hydraulic motoromr 200 hydraulic motor.


The hydraulic hydraulic motor is a low-speed motor with a speed range of 10-500 rpm. Motors higher than 500 rpm are high-speed motors. Due to the special stator and rotor design of the hydraulic motor, the displacement of the hydraulic motor is particularly large. , The special big here is relative to the gear motor or plunger motor. The displacement of the gear motor is about 200ml/r, which is very large, and the maximum displacement of the hydraulic motor we produce is achieved. 1600ml/r, and the displacement of the hydraulic motor is the smallest in China. Now it is 8ml/r, and no matter how small it is, and the maximum pressure of this 8ml/r hydraulic motor is 9MPa, which is relatively small.


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