How to Find Oms Motors Pvt Ltd Address


If you are in the machinery production industry and need to purchase some or a large number of Oms motors from overseas manufacturers, how do you find those excellent Oms motor suppliers in manufacturing countries? Where can we find Oms Motors Pvt Ltd Address


I have asked some foreign friends how they find supplier information, part of which is through the Internet, such as searching for relevant suppliers and manufacturers, clicking on supplier advertisements on various platforms, or contacting manufacturers on facebook Interaction, etc.; one part is to communicate face-to-face with manufacturers on the spot through international exhibitions or trade fairs, and the other is to find suitable suppliers and manufacturers through local trading companies or representative offices. These channels are all ways to find suppliers for trade, but now due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, many exhibitions and trade fairs have been suspended, and the transportation between countries is not as convenient as before. Therefore, more buyers purchase through the Internet, but the manufacturers on the Internet are uneven, and it is often difficult to find a high-quality supplier.


In the field of Oms motor manufacturing, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, as a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products in China, has been the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic motors and steering gear since 2010, with an annual output of more than 500,000 PCS. Their motors (displacement from 50ml/r to 1000ml/r), steering units (displacement from 80ml/r to 1000ml/r) and cylidners (bore diameter to 1200mm, length to 10000mm, pressure to 40MPa) are ideal for use in Light, medium and heavy vehicles. With advanced technology, the motor and steering unit are more compact, smaller, lower noise, and perform well under high pressure working conditions, all of which are compatible with Danfoss, Char lynn, M+S, Rexroth series, cylinders and for customers Customized, high quality, so that they enjoy the trust of customers and a good reputation at home and abroad.


Products are widely used in agricultural tractors, garden tractors, dump trucks, forklifts, combine harvesters, fishing gear, sweepers, water tanks, trailers, cranes, truck cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, machine tools, etc. Hanjiu Hydraulics regards honest service and product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. From design, processing, production, assembly, testing to after-sales, a perfect quality system has been established to ensure that every product they sell is of good quality.


Their products sell well at home and abroad, and the markets include Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Northern Europe, Africa, India and other countries and regions. If you are looking for oms 80 hydraulic motor, oms 200 hydraulic motor, oms 315 hydraulic motor, oms 400 hydraulic motor and other series of Oms motors, it is recommended that you search for their products and take a look at the parameters and PDF files.


Their business policy is "quality first, service first, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, to meet customer needs", and the quality goal is "zero defect, zero complaint". If you want to know more information about this manufacturer, you can log on or You can contact their customer service or send an email to request more product information.

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