troubleshooting hydraulics on a wood splitter


Wood splitting machine is an important auxiliary equipment in the wood chip processing industry, mainly including vertical and horizontal two series. Its function is to use the hydraulic working principle to split tree stumps, large branches, large log segments and harder wood to meet the requirements of chipper feed size, or to split raw materials into materials for other purposes. I believe that many friends need to use wood splitting machines in industrial production, and during the use of the machine, there will often be different failures due to improper operation or maintenance and other reasons. So let's let us Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. introduce to you, the troubleshooting and repair methods of related faults, if you have the need, you may wish to continue to look down.


Common problems and repair methods are as follows:

1. The motor overheats, and the equipment automatically starts the thermal overload maintenance device. In the process of using a large wood splitter, we may encounter that the machine rotates intermittently, and then restart or plug in the power supply does not work, at this time you need to patrol the thermal overload maintenance switch around the motor to see if it trips.

2. The feeding speed of the hydraulic wood splitter is too fast, and the load expands to produce blockage. This blockage will make the motor overweight long-term load will burn the motor, if this kind of situation, we should reduce or close the door, can also improve the feeding method or lift the feeder to operate and improve, the feeding volume feeder common manual and fully moving two, you can choose according to specific practical activities.

3. The feed pipeline is blocked or blocked. If the feeding is too fast, the air outlet of the hydraulic wood splitter will be blocked, and improper pairing with the transportation machinery and equipment will weaken or no wind in the feed pipeline and then be blocked. After finding out the problem, we should first change the ventilation hole lightly, and adjust the feeding amount of the unpaired transportation machinery and equipment, so that the machine and equipment can operate normally.


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