General Parameters of Oms 315 Hydraulic Motor


Hydraulic motor habitually refers to an energy conversion device that outputs rotary motion and converts hydraulic energy provided by hydraulic pump into mechanical energy. Hydraulic motor is also known as oil motor, oms 315 hydraulic motor is mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists,Agricultural machinery, earth-moving machinery etc. .


Oms 315 hydraulic motor Features:

·Displacement: 80 - 495 cm3/rev;

·Rotational speed range: 142 - 850 rpm;

·Maximum pressure: from 120/175 bar through 150/280 bar (continuous/peak);

·Maximum torque: 178n*m/860n*m


Oms 315 hydraulic motor Advantages:

·Low pressure start;

·Reinforced shaft seal;

·High startup torque and ability to withstand significant back pressures;

·The ability to transfer axial and radial loads;

·Compact volume and easy installation.


So what are the conventional parameters of hydraulic motors, and what functions do these parameters represent? What parameters do we use to determine the selection of motors in the process of designing and purchasing motors?

1. Working pressure and rated pressure

Working pressure: Enter the actual pressure of the motor oil, which depends on the load of the motor.

The difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure of the motor is called the differential pressure of the motor.

Rated pressure: according to the test standard, the higher pressure to make the motor work normally.

2. Displacement and Flow

Displacement: The volume of liquid required to be input for each revolution of the hydraulic motor without considering leakage. Vm (m3/rad)

Flow rate: The flow rate without leakage is called the theoretical flow rate qMt, and the leakage flow rate is considered as the actual flow rate qM.

3. Volumetric Efficiency and Speed

Volumetric efficiency ηMv: the ratio of the actual input flow to the theoretical input flow.

4. Torque and Mechanical Efficiency

The output power is equal to the input power without taking into account the loss of the motor.

Actual torque T: The loss torque ΔT is generated due to the actual mechanical loss of the motor, which is smaller than the theoretical torque Tt, that is, the mechanical efficiency of the motor ηMm: equal to the ratio of the actual output torque of the motor to the theoretical output torque.

5. Power and Overall Efficiency

The actual input power of the motor is pqM, and the actual output power is Tω.The total efficiency of the motor ηM: the ratio of the actual output power to the actual input power. Please refer to the actual parameters.


After reading the above parameters, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of oms 315 hydraulic motor. If you want to know more parameters of the model, please log in

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