How the Omr 50 Hydraulic Motor Works


    Omr 50 hydraulic motor is a cost-effective motor produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. After years of use by users, it has been proved that its quality is stable, safe, reliable and energy-saving. In today's article, we will share the working principle of hydraulic motor and the basis for its safety and reliability.

    What is a hydraulic motor?what is the working principle of a hydraulic motor? 

    Principle of hydraulic motor: It is a device that uses hydraulic oil to transmit pressure. When hydraulic oil transmits pressure in a closed container, it follows Pascal's law. The hydraulic transmission system of a hydraulic press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an actuator, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium. The power mechanism usually uses an oil pump as the power mechanism, generally a positive displacement oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of the movement speed of the actuator, choose one oil pump or multiple oil pumps. Rotary pump for low pressure (oil pressure less than 2.5MP); vane pump for medium pressure (oil pressure less than 6.3MP), plunger pump for high pressure (oil pressure less than 32.0MP).

    and why is it safe, reliable, and energy-saving?

    Both the hydraulic press and the hydraulic motor are energy conversion devices in the hydraulic system. The difference is that the hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy of the driving motor into the pressure energy of the oil. It is the power device in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump and motor hydraulic press commonly used in the hydraulic system All of them are volumetric, and their working principle is to use the change of the sealing volume to absorb and press oil. In terms of working principle, most hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are reciprocal, that is, when the pressure oil is input, the hydraulic pump becomes a hydraulic motor, and the speed and torque can be output, but structurally, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are still There are some differences. Maintenance of hydraulic presses: Hammer knocking is used for the disassembly and assembly of interference fit parts, the sled is labor-intensive, inefficient and unsafe, and it is easy to break the parts, and the heating method is difficult to operate and increases the maintenance cost. On the top of the bracket, a hydraulic cylinder with the piston rod vertically downward is installed, and a pressure head is installed at the lower end of the piston rod; the lower part of the piston rod is fixed on the bracket, and a workbench is fixed horizontally; the oil delivery pipe connecting the hydraulic motor and the oil pump passes through The reversing valve is connected with the hydraulic cylinder. The parts are loaded and unloaded by the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, no violent hammering of the sled, no damage to the parts, no heating and energy consumption, safe, reliable, energy saving, and high installation accuracy. The hydraulic motor converts the pressure energy of the oil into mechanical energy, which is a hydraulic system. It can be seen that he is the core device in the hydraulic system.

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