How to Reduce Pressure Energy loss in Oms 200 Hydraulic Motor


During the use of the motor, there are many situations that will cause the loss of pressure energy, so how is this loss caused, and how can we avoid these losses? In today's article, we take OMS 200 hydraulic motor as an example to share some knowledge about this issue


Start from the inside first, reducing power loss while reducing pressure loss inside the system. To solve this problem, the pressure loss of the internal flow channel of the component can be improved, and the integrated circuit and casting flow channel can be used. At the same time, it is also necessary to reduce or eliminate the throttling loss of the system, minimize the overflow required for non-safety, and avoid using a throttling system to adjust flow and pressure.


In the use of materials, materials manufactured by static pressure technology and new sealing materials can be used, which can effectively reduce friction loss. Maintenance during use is essential. Maintain hydraulic motors in time to prevent pollution from affecting the life and reliability of the motor. New pollution detection methods must be developed to measure pollution online. It must be adjusted in time, and lag is not allowed, so as to avoid Losses caused by untimely processing.

In order to reduce the loss of pressure energy, the hydraulic motor needs the joint efforts of manufacturers and consumers, so that the loss of pressure energy can be prevented to the greatest extent.


In addition to the methods mentioned above, what other maintenance methods do we have when using oms 200 hydraulic motor?​​


1. Controlling oil pollution and keeping the oil clean are important measures to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. At present, due to the serious oil pollution, hydraulic failures frequently occur. According to the statistics of a large factory, 80% of the failures of the hydraulic system are due to Caused by oil contamination, oil contamination also accelerates the wear of hydraulic components.


2.Controlling the temperature rise of the working oil in the hydraulic system is an important part of reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the system. For the hydraulic system of a machine tool, if the temperature of the oil varies widely,the consequence is:

① It affects the oil absorption capacity and volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump;

②The system does not work properly, the pressure and speed are unstable, and the action is unreliable;

③Increased internal and external leakage of hydraulic components;

④Accelerates the oxidative deterioration of the oil.


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