Gerotor Hydraulic Motor


In the previous articles, we talked about a lot of knowledge related to rail hydraulic motors, and today we talk about the problem of gerotor hydraulic motor from the aspects of principle and brand selection advantages.


The original cycloidal motor was securely connected to the housing with an inner ring of teeth, and the oil entering from the oil port pushed the rotor around a central point. After more than ten years of slow technological innovation, we have installed rollers in its built-in ring gear, and the motor with rollers can provide high starting and running torque, and the rollers reduce friction, so the overall work efficiency is improved, the output shaft produces a stable output even at very low speeds.


Next, let's talk about the manufacturers of gerotor hydraulic motors, cycloidal hydraulic motors as a more common motor, most of the world's manufacturers will produce, but in my heart, the better brand is Hanjiu Technology Company. As an emerging and innovative hydraulic motor company, Hanjiu Technology has truly achieved quality first, service first, and cost performance first.


The hydraulic motors they produce fully meet all the advantages of cycloidal motors.

1. The end face distribution and axial surface distribution are adopted, the structure is simple and compact, and the distribution accuracy is high;

2. the use of tooth stator rotor pair, high mechanical efficiency, long high pressure operation life;

3. Double angle bearing is adopted, which can withstand large radial and axial loads, with small friction and high mechanical efficiency.

4. Advanced distribution mechanism design, with the characteristics of high distribution accuracy and automatic compensation of wear;

5. Allow series and parallel use, and the external leakage port should be connected when the series is used.

6. Tapered roller bearing support design, with large radial bearing capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism;

7. A variety of flanges, output shafts, oil ports and other installation and connection forms.


In addition, they produce gerotor hydraulic motors in a variety of models and displacements, can meet a variety of speed and torque requirements, as long as I need to find the right one, can also replace a variety of other brands of hydraulic motors. High quality, low price, who doesn't want it? Well, today's sharing is here, if you are interested in cycloidal hydraulic motors, welcome to visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company for more information.



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