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Hello, everyone, and today we will continue to introduce it to you in a few articles. The main introduction is the BMPH series motor, also a orbital motor produced in Hanjiu Hydraulic Technology Company. The orbital motor and the hydraulic motors are the same, but the name is different. They are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, lifting cranes, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mine machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical industry, port machinery and so on. Hanjiu company is a professional company specializing in Shijiazhuang, China. Its leader, Mr.Han, has worked in the field of hydraulic pressure and automation technology for more than 15 years, and the staff of the factory are also very professional personnel. Hanjiu hydraulic integrity service and product quality as the most important quality of the enterprise. From design, processing, production, assembly, testing to after-sales service, Hanjiu Technology Company has established a perfect quality system, to ensure that every product sold by Hanjiu brand is of high quality, before delivery, the product will be one-to-one quality inspection. Up to now, the Hanjiu brand products sales range from domestic to overseas, the market covers Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Northern Europe, Africa, India and other countries and regions.


Today, our protagonist BMPH series of hydraulic motor has many characteristics: small volume, using the shaft distribution flow design, to adapt to the cycloid gear set design, high power, light weight. Why does it have these characteristics? Because the cycloidal gear set of the Han Jiu motor uses an advanced manufacturing device, so the volume of the finished product will be very small, high efficiency, and long life. Its shaft seal can withstand the high pressure of the motor, and can be used in parallel or in series. Advanced structural design, high power and low weight. In addition to these, Hanjiu Technology products have always been characteristics: the price discount, plus the motor positioning is an economy, will be relatively cheaper.


However, no matter how good the quality of the hydraulic motor may also fail due to the use of environmental and human factors, Hanjiu Technology company must remind that the motor is a precision component, requiring professionals to install, debugging and repair. Without the inspection suggestion of Hanjiu Technology Company, try not to disassemble and repair it by yourself. If the user has the conditions for disassembly and inspection approved by our company, he can disassembly and check only after carefully reading the instructions. Otherwise, it may bring losses to customers due to some mistakes of judgment.


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