Hydraulic Directional Valve


According to the structure, the hydraulic directional valves provided by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. can be divided into monolithic type and partial type. They can be used in high-pressure hydraulic systems, such as drilling machines, sanitary equipment, etc. Available in a variety of forms including manual, joystick, cable, pneumatic, solenoid, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic. There are also single and combined types, the flow rate includes 20 liters to 200 liters, and the number of spools ranges from 1 spool to 12 spools.


Our Hydraulic Directional Valve products are all innovatively designed by professional technicians. The compact structure makes them smaller in size, can provide reliable working performance in the actual operation process, and greatly enhance the safety of use. So far, Han Long-term customer satisfaction with Hydraulic Directional Valve is very high. The DCV directional control valve is characterized by high pressure, compact structure, stable overload valve, high performance and high versatility. It can be widely used in construction machinery, sanitation vehicles, drilling rigs, special vehicles, etc. The auxiliary valve is equipped with overload valve, anti-cavitation valve, combined valve, etc. The bobbin function can realize more than four kinds: A, O, Y, P and so on. Control types cover manual, pneumatic, electrohydraulic, electropneumatic, etc. The circuits can be connected in parallel or in series and in parallel, and the c-port (oil bridge) is a combined structure as the hydraulic source of other parts.


Based on the characteristics of Hydraulic Directional Valve, Hanjiu here reminds everyone that some factors need to be considered when ordering: valve type, valve flow rate, valve pressure, valve control mode, valve structure, installation and connection, and the availability of accessories. Substitutability (for example, whether original equipment components are replaceable) and dielectric compatibility. Finally, there are some conventional interface dimensions, weight, etc. You can rest assured of the reputation of Hanjiu hydraulic products. We accept appointments for factory visits. Each product has a long service life and is easy to repair and maintain. We provide one-stop solutions and look forward to cooperating with you.


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