Why does Oms 400 Hydraulic Motor Crawls at Low Speed


In the operation of the machine, sometimes we will find that the motor will crawl at a low speed, and some customers will think that there is a problem with the motor. In fact, there is no problem with the motor itself. The problem lies in the configuration that matches the motor. In today's article, let's discuss the factors that cause low speed crawling during the use of oms 400 hydraulic motor.


The oms 400 hydraulic motor is a shaft-distributed cycloid hydraulic motor, which adopts an integral stator and rotor pair, with a precise structure, large relative torque, and a small size, which is easy to install and use. It is suitable for the slewing mechanism of injection molding machines, road sweepers, lawn trimmers, leather machines, conveyors, manipulators, harvesters, tubing clamps, manipulators, cranes and other machinery. It has the following advantages:

●Small size, light weight and compact structure

The speed can be adjusted, and a variable speed valve can be added.

●Low starting pressure, easy to change direction

●It can be used in series or in parallel in the hydraulic system

●Seal control means, able to withstand high back pressure

A variety of installation and connection forms such as mounting flanges, output shafts, and oil ports are available for selection.

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Why does the oms 400 hydraulic motor crawl at low speed during use? Through our experience, there are mainly the following reasons


1. The amount of leakage is unstable. Its leakage is not the same every moment, it fluctuates periodically with the change of the phase angle of rotor operation. Because the flow into the motor at low speed is relatively small, the proportion of leakage is relatively large, and the instability of the leakage will obviously interfere with the flow value of the motor, thus making the motor speed unstable. 


2. The magnitude of the friction force is unstable. Ordinary friction increases with the increase of speed, but the frictional resistance inside the motor running in the static and low-speed area is not this law. When the working speed increases slightly, the frictional resistance not only does not increase, but decreases on the contrary. . On the other hand, the hydraulic motor and load are pushed by the pressure rise after the hydraulic oil is compressed. 


3. The motor speed is too low. When the motor speed is too low, the gap between the machines will inevitably cause leakage, and the amount of leakage in each plunger will be different, which will lead to discordant sliding between the motor speed and the crankshaft. Macroscopically, it is the motor crawling phenomenon.

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