How The Tractor Hydraulic System Works


Tractors are not only used for transportation operations, but also tow and suspend various agricultural machinery for farmland operations. Therefore, for the vast number of agricultural workers, tractors are a very important work tool. So what do tractors rely on to provide power? This relies on a special system on the tractor) - the hydraulic suspension system. During the use of the hydraulic suspension system, due to wear or improper use, failures often occur (sluggish lifting of suspended agricultural tools, automatic sinking of agricultural tools after lifting, etc.). These failures directly affect tractor field operations. Therefore, Hanjiu Technology recommends that everyone understand the working characteristics of the tractor hydraulic system in order to correctly use and maintain the tractor, thereby improving work efficiency.


The working environment of the tractor hydraulic system is roughly divided into three situations-the lifting of the agricultural tool, the neutrality of the agricultural tool, and the lowering of the agricultural tool. Let's start with it.


Farm implement upgrade. When it is necessary to lift the suspended farm implement, pull the joystick backward to put it in the "lift" position, a flange of the control valve spool closes the oil return passage, and an arc-shaped groove of the spool connects the oil pump and the oil cylinder Connected. Therefore, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil cylinder through the control valve, pushes the piston to move backward, and the inner lifting arm drives the lifting shaft to rotate counterclockwise around its axis through the piston rod, and then the agricultural implement is lifted through the suspension mechanism.


Farm implements are neutral. When the agricultural implement needs to be lifted and kept in a certain position, the control handle should be placed in the "neutral" position. At this time, a flange of the control valve spool closes the oil hole leading to the oil cylinder, so that the oil in the oil cylinder does not escape. If it does not enter, the farm implement will stop at a certain height stably. At this time, an arc groove of the valve core connects the oil pump with the oil return passage, so the oil from the oil pump flows back to the oil tank through the control valve.


Farm implements dropped. When it is necessary to drop the hanging agricultural implement, move the joystick forward to place it in the "down" position. One arc-shaped groove of the control valve spool connects the oil return passage of the oil pump, while the other arc-shaped groove communicates with the radial groove of the oil pump. The hole connects the oil cylinder with the oil return passage. Therefore, the oil from the oil pump flows back to the oil return passage through the control valve, and the agricultural implement descends under the action of its own weight. The outer lifting arm drives the lifting shaft to rotate clockwise around its axis, and the inner lifting arm pushes the piston forward through the piston rod to squeeze the oil in the oil cylinder back to the oil return passage. However, due to the small diameter of one end of the radial hole, it can throttle the oil return of the oil cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of slowing down the agricultural implement. When the small tractor has a suspended plough for ploughing, the joystick is in this position, and the ploughing depth is controlled by the depth-limiting wheel on the plough, that is, the height adjustment method is adopted. This position is also called the "floating" position of the control valve. The hydraulic system should generally require a lowering time of 1.5 to 2 s for agricultural implements.


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