Maintenance of agricultural machinery hydraulic system


The hydraulic system has many advantages such as stable work, simple operation and labor saving, and is widely used in agricultural machinery. Therefore, people need to use agricultural machinery correctly, do corresponding maintenance and maintenance work, minimize the probability of agricultural machinery failure, effectively extend the actual service life of agricultural machinery, and improve work quality and efficiency. During the use and maintenance of hydraulic agricultural machinery, you need to pay special attention to the following points.


1. Avoid impurities entering the fuel tank

Solid impurities usually follow the cleaned oil, refueling tools or falling components. To remove solid impurities, it is necessary to clean the refueling tools and filter the added hydraulic oil. In the actual operation process, the relevant Operators need to wear protective clothing, gloves, etc. During the maintenance process, the maintenance personnel need to ensure that the components are protected from dust, and the cleaning work should be done in combination with the sequence. Special treatment is required for special components. For example, after the operator cleans the hydraulic pipe, high-pressure air should be used to dry it to keep it within a reasonable temperature range.


2. Prevent air from entering the hydraulic system.

Under normal pressure and normal temperature, the hydraulic oil contains air with a volume ratio of 6% to 8%. When the pressure drops, the air will be freed from the oil, and the bubble burst will cause cavitation of hydraulic components and noise. If a large amount of air enters the oil, the compressibility of the hydraulic oil will increase, the work will be unstable, the work quality and efficiency will be greatly reduced, and a series of serious adverse consequences will occur. At the same time, air will cause the hydraulic oil to oxidize and accelerate its deterioration. In the process of preventing air intrusion, the relevant staff need to effectively discharge the system air according to the instructions for use after maintenance and oil change. At the same time, the oil suction pipe port of the hydraulic oil pump should not be exposed to the oil surface, so that the oil suction pipe has a good sealing performance. Keep the oil pump drive shaft well sealed, and use genuine oil seals with double lips when replacing them.


3. Choose the right hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil plays an important role in lubrication, cooling and sealing in the entire hydraulic system. Maintenance personnel need to scientifically select hydraulic oil to avoid early failure of the hydraulic system and reduce durability. Relevant staff need to reasonably select hydraulic oil according to the grades specified in the manual. Hydraulic oils of different grades cannot be mixed and applied to avoid the corresponding chemical reaction of the hydraulic oil, resulting in performance changes. Hydraulic oil with dark brown, milky white and peculiar smell is deteriorating oil and cannot be used.


4. Hydraulic system structural maintenance

During the long-term application of the hydraulic system structure device, it is affected by various factors, and there are different degrees of damage. Maintenance personnel need to strengthen the maintenance of the hydraulic system structure device in their daily work, focusing on the sealing and aging of the device. . During the maintenance process of the structural device, the maintenance personnel need to comprehensively and strictly check the safety valve, and do the corresponding sealing treatment on all components to ensure the complete effectiveness of the sealing ring and paper gasket. .


The maintenance of agricultural machinery before formal use should be meticulous, and related matters should be paid attention to in the process of agricultural operations. Excessive force during machine operation can easily cause machine failure. In actual operation, agricultural machinery cannot be operated violently frequently to avoid loosening of some components and cause safety accidents such as component collision. Therefore, operators need to strictly follow the relevant operation manuals to conduct standardized operations, conduct detailed inspections of mechanical failures, and do a good job in cleaning, recording, and handover.


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