Main parts of tractor and their daily maintenance


As a large-scale agricultural equipment, tractor has many parts, its main components are engine, air filter, valve, fuel injector, clutch pressure plate, electrical system, hydraulic steering system fuel tank and hydraulic system. During the daily use of tractors, various problems will inevitably occur. Mastering reasonable daily maintenance methods will effectively prolong the service life of tractor parts and reduce accidents. Now, let's take a look at the daily maintenance methods of the main parts of the tractor with me!


1. Maintenance of the air filter

Always check whether the sealing of each pipe connection of the air filter pipe is good. If the nuts, bolts, clamping rings, etc. are loose, they should be tightened in time. If the parts are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced in time. It is generally required that the air filter should be maintained once every 100 hours of operation. When the dry filter paper filter element is maintained, it should be cleaned with a soft brush. 0?q4-0.6MPA compressed air blows the filter screen, oil storage pan, central pipe and other parts from the inside of the filter element to the outside. The filter screen is first dried by rain, sprayed with a little oil before assembly, and the oil storage pan should be replaced with filtered oil , When adding oil, it should be filled according to the oil level mark, and the oil level should not be too high or too low, and the sealing rubber ring should be well sealed during installation.


2. Maintenance of diesel filter

The impurities in the filter will continue to increase with the prolongation of use, the filtration capacity will decrease, and other parts such as the aging and damage of the gasket will cause a "short circuit", that is, the diesel oil directly enters the oil pump without being filtered. Therefore, for maintenance, you should pay attention to the following What time is it:

(1) The section and center of the filter element should be well sealed.

(2) When maintaining the paper filter element, it can be soaked in diesel for a period of time, and then brushed with a soft brush, or the air cylinder can be used to pump air into the filter element to blow away the dirt from the inside out.

(3) After the filter is disassembled and assembled, the air in it should be exhausted.


3. Inspection and maintenance of hydraulic steering system fuel tank

The fuel tank is located on the right side under the rear body of the hood. Open the mailbox cover and observe whether there is any oil mark on the oil dipstick. If there is no oil mark, it means that the oil in the steering oil tank is insufficient. You should check to find out the cause of the oil leakage, and then remove the oil tank. Add oil to the middle marking line of the friend ruler, and then put it back in place. During inspection, the system checks that the hydraulic steering cylinder, oil pipe and joints are not leaking oil, otherwise it is easy to cause steering failure, and the filter in the oil pipe is regularly cleaned or replaced. When checking the oil level, you should also check whether the vent valve at the center of the fuel tank cover is flexible in up and down. If oil stains affect the up and down, it should be cleaned.


4. Maintenance of hydraulic system

Regularly check the height of the hydraulic oil level. If it is insufficient, add or replace the hydraulic oil. Be sure to keep it clean. When cleaning the internal parts of the hydraulic system, in order to prevent the oil passage from being blocked or the seal from leaking, it is forbidden to scrub with cotton silk. Do not wash the rubber sealing ring with gasoline to avoid aging and deterioration. When assembling the sealing ring, a little oil or soapy water should be applied to prevent shearing and tearing.


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