Precautions of Oms 80 Hydraulic Motor


Oms 80 hydraulic motor is a small and exquisite motor product. It is an important product of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. During years of research and development and production, the product has been improved many times and has made great progress in performance and quality. There are still some important things to note when using the motor.


Oms 80 hydraulic motor is a hydraulic motor with end face distribution, suitable for road sweepers, lawn trimmers, leather processing machines, hoisting locomotives, conveyor belt equipment, manipulators, harvesters, manipulators, cranes and other machinery. , Cycloidal oil motor BMSY-80-E4BD has the following characteristics:

* Column-mounted stator and rotor pair design, low starting pressure, high efficiency and good retention.

*Tapered roller bearing structure, high working pressure, large output torque, strong axial/radial load bearing capacity, and can directly drive the working mechanism.

* The end face distribution form is adopted, so that the motor distribution accuracy is high, and the automatic compensation ability after wear is strong, which ensures high volumetric efficiency, and makes the motor run smoothly and increase its life.

Oms 80 hydraulic motor is a very widely used cycloid hydraulic motor, so what should be paid attention to when using it? What is important in Oms motor maintenance?

1. When the inertia of the driven part is large, if it is required to achieve braking or reverse and follow the car in a short time, a safety valve buffer should be set in the oil return circuit to prevent damage caused by sudden hydraulic shock. 

2. When using a quantitative motor, if you want to start and stop smoothly, you should use the necessary pressure control or flow control methods in the circuit design. 

3. When the hydraulic motor is used as the power part of the hoisting tool or the walking device, a speed limit valve must be set to prevent the heavy object from falling rapidly or the vehicle and other walking mechanisms from overspeed when going downhill, which may cause serious accidents.

4. Since the hydraulic motor always leaks, the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor are closed for braking, and it will still slip slowly. When braking for a long time, an additional brake to prevent rotation should be provided.

5. When starting with full load, attention should be paid to the starting torque value of the hydraulic motor, because the starting torque of the hydraulic motor is smaller than the rated torque. If it is ignored, the working mechanism will not be able to operate.

6. Since the oil return back pressure (outlet pressure) of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the oil drain pipe of the motor must be led back to the oil tank separately and cannot be connected with the oil return line of the hydraulic motor. 


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