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There are many different models and many different names in hydraulic motor products, such as low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors, high-speed high-torque hydraulic motors, high-speed low-torque hydraulic motors, low-flow high-torque hydraulic motors, etc. What is the difference between them? What is the difference? How do you choose when you choose a motor model? Today we will introduce low speed high torque hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motor is an executive element that converts the pressure energy of liquid into mechanical energy, and plays an important role in the hydraulic system. There are many classification standards for hydraulic motors. In traditional industries, they can be generally divided into two types: high-speed small torque and low-speed large torque. In recent years, with the continuous development of hydraulic technology in the direction of high pressure and high power and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, hydraulic actuators are required to have low noise. It has the characteristics of low pollution and stable operation. Therefore, low-speed high-torque motors will be one of the development trends.


Above we have introduced the classification, concept and basic characteristics of low speed high torque hydraulic motor. From the concept, we can see that this type of motor is a proven future trend product.So what are the important properties of low speed high torque hydraulic motor? Compared with other ordinary motors, what are the important features of it?


NO.1 Low-speed stability, one of the important performances of high-torque hydraulic motors

An important performance of a high-torque motor is low-speed stability. In addition to the traditional description, low-speed stability is the lowest speed at which the motor does not crawl under rated load. In the hydraulic field, the speed pulsation rate is also used to define its index. When the speed pulsation rate is below 10%, it is called stable at the speed, otherwise, it is unstable.

NO.2 The second important performance of the high torque hydraulic motor is the perfection of the structure

For high-torque hydraulic motors, the structural integrity is another important performance, which can be evaluated by the weight of the unit power transmitted (unit weight index) and the power that can be transmitted per unit volume (capacity). The high torque hydraulic motor efficiency characteristics are also its important performance, including volumetric efficiency, mechanical efficiency and overall efficiency. Compared with high-speed low-torque hydraulic motors, high-torque hydraulic motors have higher efficiency, good low-speed performance and starting characteristics, and low noise. The rated working pressure of the high-torque hydraulic motor with perfect structure is 14MPa~35MPa, the total efficiency is between 0.75~0.90, the starting torque efficiency is between 0.8~0.95, and the minimum stable speed is 0.5r/min. High-torque hydraulic motors can be roughly divided into single-acting and multi-acting types according to the number of actions in the working pair per revolution.

The above is a brief introduction to the performance of low speed high torque hydraulic motor. If you want to know more motor parameters, please visit www.hjhydraulic.com for more information.

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