Orbital hydraulic Motor


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality Orbital hydraulic Motor manufacturer. Whether it is the manufacture of the whole machine or parts, Hanjiu is "handy". No matter what kind of hydraulic problems, we can provide a complete solution.


Today we are going to talk about hydraulic needs omsw 400, OMS motor sales oshawa Hydraulic Wheel Motor Straight Cone Shaft, with regular specifications and fine production. Output volume: 315cc/rev, the equipped shaft is a 35 mm tapered shaft, the maximum speed can reach 280, the maximum torque: 1080 Nm, the maximum power: 18.9 kW, the connection: G 1/2", the oil leakage connection: G 1 /4". Based on the strong ability to match OEM parts, Hanjiu’s OMSY-315-WT1 can completely replace the product series of Eaton Char lynn 2k series from the United States, the OMS series from Denmark, and the M+S (MS) series from Bulgaria... . In the case of partial damage to the Orbital hydraulic Motor, buying a part that matches 100% and is of advanced quality is undoubtedly the most cost-effective solution. Of course, routine maintenance is the best choice to prolong the life of the hydraulic system as much as possible. Below, Hanjiu will bring you some basic requirements for the selection of hydraulic oil for your reference. Select the appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure that the hydraulic components are well lubricated, cooled and sealed under the conditions of changing working pressure and working temperature; hydraulic oil needs to have good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, anti-oxidation stability, Hydrolytic stability and thermal stability to ensure that the friction pairs in oil pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves and oil cylinders are normally lubricated under high pressure, high speed and harsh conditions, reduce wear and tear, and resist the influence of air, moisture, high temperature, high pressure and other factors Or function, so that it is not easy to age and deteriorate, and prolong the service life; it also needs to have good anti-foaming properties, anti-emulsification and air release values, so as to ensure that the foam produced under the condition of vigorous mechanical stirring during operation can disappear quickly and appear. In the case of water ingress, the hydraulic oil can also be quickly separated from the water mixed in the oil to prevent the formation of an emulsion inside it, which will cause corrosion of the metal material of the hydraulic system and reduce the performance of the hydraulic system.

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