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As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products, under the leadership of the founder Mr. Han, Hanjiu Technology has always grown with customers to provide product and service innovation, maintain high-quality production standards, have more than ten years of hydraulic motor production and manufacturing experience, and have excellent technology. We have a young and professional R&D team, always putting product quality and customer opinions in the first place. It is for this reason that Hanjiu Technology has won the praise of many customers. As a kind of directional control valve, hydraulic directional valve is also widely used in real life, and it is also one of the excellent products of our Hanjiu Technology. The directional valve is to change the direction of the oil flow and change the direction of movement of the actuator, generally according to the different control methods can be divided into manual directional valve, motorized directional valve, electromagnetic directional valve, hydraulic directional valve, electro-hydraulic directional valve and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the working principle of manual directional valves, electromagnetic directional valves and hydraulic directional valves by Hanjiu Technology, if you are interested, you may wish to take a look down.


The operation mode of the manual directional valve is the handle, which uses the lever principle to push the spool to make movement in the valve body to achieve reversing. When the handle is pulled to the left, the pressure oil P communicates with port A, the pressure oil enters the actuator, and the return oil of the actuator enters port B and flows back to the oil tank from port T; Pull the handle to the right, P pass B, A pass T, and the actuator will move in the opposite direction.


The operation mode of the electromagnetic directional valve is the attraction of the solenoid, which pushes the valve core to move in the valve body to achieve reversing by allowing the solenoid to be energized to attract the armature, and the valve core is reset by a spring after power failure. The picture shows the Rexroth 4WE solenoid directional valve, which is a three-position four-way valve. When the left solenoid is electrified, push the spool to move to the right, P pass B, A pass T; The right electromagnet is electrified, P passes A, B passes T.


The hydraulic directional valve is to control the oil acting on the valve core, and when the control oil is under pressure, the directional valve is controlled. Hydraulic directional valves are often used in conjunction with other directional valves. The figure shows that when there is no pressure oil, the spring acts on the valve core on the far left, P through B, A through T; When there is pressure oil, the valve core is shifted to the right, so that the four ports P, T, A, B are not through.


Understand the working principle of these directional valves, if you have the need to buy directional valves, you may wish to contact us Hanjiu Technology, we sincerely serve every customer, and complete each order with the most honest and trustworthy attitude, because we always believe that quality is the basis of our products exported overseas, and word of mouth is a powerful weapon for us to open the international market. Excellent products are the basis of smooth transactions, and quality producers can solve your worries, our products provide you with a one-year quality warranty, during which if your product has any problems can be feedback with our customer service, we will repair and replace for you in time. Trust us to be each other's loyal partners!


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