Hydraulic Valve For Log Splitter


Speaking of hydraulic directional control valves, I believe everyone must be familiar. It can be said that it plays a very important role in the hydraulic system. As a highly complex operating system, hydraulic systems require a bridge to connect and control components. Only through continuous operation and control can the excellent function of the hydraulic system be better exerted. Hydraulic directional control valves are such an important existence. It can control the interruption or connection of the oil circuit in the hydraulic system, make the hydraulic system more flexible and changeable, and improve the flexibility and applicability of the hydraulic system. Therefore, purchasing highly demanding products such as hydraulic components is not an easy task and requires careful consideration.


As long as you go to search and view, you can see that the most popular hydraulic motors, hydraulic steering devices, and hydraulic directional control valves on the market have our Hanjiu Technology, and the market feedback is the greatest recognition. For example, Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic steering device, BZZ series, 101S series, etc., have a very rich product type, which can meet the needs of different use environments. It can be said that in the market, there is no manufacturer of hydraulic components comparable to Hanjiu Technology. Check out our 1P81 Hydraulic Log Splitter Control Valve. Hydraulic log separator control valve with return stop, 21 GPM. Hydraulic log separator control valve for operating hydraulic cylinders. Return pressure operated stop with spring center extension for log splitters or other automatic stop applications. The pressure relief stop is adjustable from 1,015 to 2,030 PSI. It offers an optional quick-expansion mode (manual drive) with the brakes locked to the rear position for high-speed mode. Maximum flow rates up to 21 gallons per minute and pressures up to 3625 PSI. And its quick-expand mode option allows the use of single-stage pumps in systems that currently use two-stage (high and low) pumps. When additional force is required, the P81 allows the user to manually switch from high-speed mode to high-force mode. "Soft Stop" distinguishes between high-force and high-speed modes. It can be seen from this product that Hanjiu Technology is an experienced manufacturer with mature production mechanism. For such a demanding product, if the manufacturer does not have experience in this area, then he will not be able to design such a superior product, let alone be widely recognized by the market. 


Hanjiu Technology always adheres to product and service innovation, maintains high quality standards, wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality services, is an industry benchmarking enterprise, and leads the development of the industry. A good corporate culture cultivates excellent employees. I think such a company is trustworthy by customers. If you have a need for hydraulic directional control valves, welcome to learn about Hanjiu Technology. 


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