Log Splitter Valve


Directional control valve is used to control the flow direction of compressed air in the pipeline and the air flow break of the element, it is the most widely used type of valve in pneumatic systems. According to the direction of the air flow in the valve, directional control valves can be divided into two categories: one-way directional control valves and reversing directional control valves. Directional control valves that only allow air flow in one direction are called one-way directional control valves, such as check valves, shuttle valves, double pressure valves, etc. The directional control valve that can change the direction of air flow is called a directional directional control valve, referred to as a directional valve. Since hydraulic directional control valves are so important in the operation of the system, excellent quality needs to be guaranteed. 


So where can you buy a control valve with guaranteed quality and reasonable price? Of course, it's Hanjiu Technology! Hanjiu Technology was founded by Mr. Han, a designer with decades of experience in the field of hydraulic components. As for who knows hydraulic components best, I think he must have a say. He is well versed in the core technology of hydraulic components, equipped with the most advanced production equipment, and has a group of strictly trained production line employees, which greatly guarantees the quality of the products produced. In addition, Hanjiu Technology has the most stringent quality control department in the industry to further escort the quality of finished products. When it comes to quality, you don't have to worry at all. In order to let you feel the performance and quality of our company's products more intuitively, let me introduce you to a product of our company in detail! This is the P81 Series Log Splitter Valve. The P81 is an on/off directional controlled integral valve designed as a logarithmic distribution valve. It centers on a spring in one position and releases the pressure stop in the other direction. When the cylinder completes the stroke, the valve automatically kicks back into neutral. The P81 also includes a built-in adjustable inlet relief valve. His standard features are hydraulically balanced hard chrome spools, lever system, in which the lever can be installed in an upward or downward position. Its stop release pressure can be adjusted from 70 to 140 bar and the flow rate is 80 liters per minute. We are a young team, so it also means that we have the latest creativity and technology to meet customer requirements to the greatest extent, and are committed to providing customers with quality products and thoughtful service. 


We at Hanjiu Technology are not just a company that produces hydraulic components. At the same time, our rich experience can also provide you with a lot of hydraulic system knowledge, the best quality products and the most warm service. You will definitely not regret choosing Hanjiu Technology. 


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