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With the rapid development of construction machinery, aerospace and other industries, the national economy and equipment manufacturing industry, China's hydraulic pump production technology continues to improve, China's hydraulic parts industry has become a professional production system, production categories of enterprises with a relatively complete range of enterprises. There are many types of hydraulic parts, among which hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic valves are important components. In the large market environment, there are many multi-brand and multi-series products, and the quality is inevitably uneven, and a high-quality hydraulic supplier can solve this urgent need.


Hanjiu Technology is such an enterprise. We can provide you with the best quality hydraulic parts maintenance kit, in and the original quality on the basis of the price is more advantageous, we have a professional hydraulic parts production and maintenance team with engineers and technicians as the backbone, our team has been professionally trained, 24 hours to serve you, to help you solve related purchase consultation and maintenance problems. Among the many products we produce, our rail hydraulic motors are particularly outstanding and today we present this fluid technology hydraulic motor 36OMP for all automation and motion control applications. It is a perfect replacement for Danfoss omp Eaton Char Lynn H series, M+S MP series and more, but we have a better price than them. Its displacement: 50 - 400 cm3/rev; Speed range: 145 - 858 rpm; Maximum pressure: from 90/110 bar to 125/140 bar (continuous/peak); Maximum torque: 74 Nm / 521 Nm * m. The lower pressure makes it start, and we have reinforced the shaft seal for it, which also has a high starting torque and the ability to withstand significant pressures, and the ability to transmit axial and radial loads. And its small size can also provide you with convenience when transferring and installing.


Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic products are very popular, many orders are sent to all over the world every day, and our transportation methods are diversified, including large cargo transportation, rail transportation and international express transportation of small transportation. Every year our products are exported to all over the world, and our customers give high praise after use. If you still have concerns, we also provide you with a warranty service, during which our professional team will be at your service throughout the warranty period. We abide by the principle of service first, committed to helping you solve any problems encountered in the use of productsIf you have the need for hydraulic pump repair kits, you can send us the list, we will provide you with very preferential prices and excellent service.


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