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The inner ring gear is fixedly connected with the casing, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to revolve around a center point. This slowly rotating rotor drives the output through a splined shaft called a cycloid hydraulic motor. The motor sold by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has improved its efficiency after being improved by engineers. It can produce stable output at a very low speed. By changing the direction of input and output flow, the motor can be reversed quickly and generate equivalent torque. Each series of motors has a variety of displacement options to meet various speed and torque requirements.


Hanjiu cycloidal hydraulic motor is an internal meshing cycloidal gear hydraulic motor made of a principle similar to that of a planetary reducer (less tooth difference principle). Hanjiu factory has a very complete range of models, although the specifications are different, but Compared with the motors of other brands of the same type, its common advantages are small size and light weight, and its external dimensions are much smaller than other types of hydraulic motors with the same torque. Wide speed range, stepless speed regulation, minimum stable speed up to 15 rpm, convenient installation and layout, low investment cost, saving a lot of cost and time, and can be used in series or in parallel in the hydraulic system. For other unidirectional motors, the rotational inertia is small, it is easy to start under load, it can be used in both forward and reverse directions, and there is no need to stop when reversing. It is widely used, whether it is agriculture, fishery, light industry, heavy industry and other industries, conveyor drive, winch agriculture, machinery forest machinery.

Hanjiu is an expert in the manufacture of hydraulic gear motors. As an established manufacturing company, Hanjiu's annual output exceeds 500,000pcs. If you have an existing hydraulic system that needs to be replaced or repaired, these hydraulic motors are ideal products. . There are light series hydraulic motors, heavy series hydraulic motors and other models to choose from.

Hanjiu produces a variety of products, including: BMR 50 hydraulic motor, BMSY 200 hydraulic motor, BMK6 200 hydraulic motor, etc. Hanjiu has been committed to improving product quality and customer reputation for more than ten years. We have a whole line of complete The assembly line and sales channels, our parts are transparent and complete from processing to sale. The research is committed to building an international brand and knocking on the door of the world's manufacturing industry with Chinese power. If you are willing to cooperate with us, please contact us , I believe we can be each other's partners.


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